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by FatmanDan
27/09/2021, 12:55
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Topic: Quick Identifications
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Re: Quick Identifications

I'm quite sure the man in checkered suite (jn-between Capanna and Maggio) is Attilio Severini, in ´Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo` (1973). Is there a scene that shows better? (Pic by Nick)
by FatmanDan
27/09/2021, 12:41
Forum: Actors (C.S.C.)
Topic: Angelini, Nando
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Re: Angelini, Nando

Superseven chiama Cairo (1965), credit. Title in list yet, pic is there.
by FatmanDan
26/09/2021, 23:41
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Topic: Catenacci, Luciano
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Re: Catenacci, Luciano

Cleopatra (1963), as Egyptian citizen, seen in 2nd row behind the big-chinned guy in front. Earliest role by 3 years so far and a new find, nowhere mentioned so far.
Found in Rocco Lerro's thread. Pic by PeplumParadise.
by FatmanDan
26/09/2021, 23:15
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Topic: Panfili, Mirella
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Re: Panfili, Mirella

Anche nel west c'era una volta Dio (1968), credit, to be checked.
by FatmanDan
26/09/2021, 23:12
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Topic: Adinolfi, Ugo
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Re: Adinolfi, Ugo

Testa t'ammazzo, croce... sei morto. Mi chiamano Alleluja (1971) as Pablito
sta t'ammazzo, croce... sei morto - Mi chiamano Alleluja (1971).jpg
Testa t'ammazzo croce sei morto mi chiamano Alleluja (1971).jpg
by FatmanDan
26/09/2021, 21:59
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Topic: Scratuglia, Ivan Giovanni
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Re: Scratuglia, Ivan Giovanni

...e venne il tempo di uccidere (1968), credited as Giovanni Scratuglia. Said to play One of Mulligan's men, but not found so far.
by FatmanDan
26/09/2021, 21:42
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Topic: Boschetti, Bruno
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Re: Boschetti, Bruno

Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità (1971), credited, but never found.
by FatmanDan
26/09/2021, 19:35
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Topic: Piani, Lorenzo
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Re: Piani, Lorenzo

Quelle sporche anime dannate (1971) as Jerry Carter
Quelle sporche anime dannate (1971).jpg
screenshot (1).jpg
Credit pic by FatmanDan
by FatmanDan
26/09/2021, 19:24
Forum: Actors (C.S.C.)
Topic: Scratuglia, Ivan Giovanni
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Re: Scratuglia, Ivan Giovanni

La bambola di Satana (1969), credit. Film to check.
by FatmanDan
26/09/2021, 18:54
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Topic: Mancini, Carla
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Re: Mancini, Carla

Troppo rischio per un uomo solo (1973), credit, but not found