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by Johan Melle
11/04/2021, 18:33
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Topic: Quick Identifications
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Re: Quick Identifications

still with Il trionfo di Ercole , is this Ugo Ballester on the left? (we also have a new role here for Angelo Casadei) vlcsnap-2021-04-11-17h01m52s173.jpg and we don't have a topic for him but if anyone knows him is this Sergio Smacchi on the right? He seems to resemble the image of Smacchi identif...
by Johan Melle
11/04/2021, 2:16
Forum: Peplums
Topic: Il sepolcro dei re (1960)
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Re: Il sepolcro dei re (1960)

I'd say that this guy is definitely "Baldie"
Sepolcro Baldie.jpg

Vezio Natili
Sepolcro Natili.jpg

Massimo Ciprari (not a great shot of him but you can recognize his features better in the long shots)
Sepolcro Ciprari.jpg

Looks like Enzo Mondino in a second role
Sepolcro Mondino.jpg
by Johan Melle
11/04/2021, 1:35
Forum: Requests and Reports
Topic: Requests for Carlos
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Re: Requests for Carlos

Carlos, do you have any pictures of Peggy Nathan in 10,000 dollari per un massacro (1967)? She is supposed to play Ms. Gardner, the shopkeeper.
by Johan Melle
11/04/2021, 1:29
Forum: Unidentified generiche
Topic: Granny Big-Ears
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Re: Granny Big-Ears

After the Fox (Caccia alla volpe) (1966) as Bingo player
After The Fox - Granny1.jpg
After The Fox - Granny2.jpg
Identification by FatmanDan
by Johan Melle
11/04/2021, 1:16
Forum: Unidentified generiche
Topic: Grey-haired old woman
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Re: Grey-haired old woman

Remo e Romolo as Old sabine woman who bears her breasts to Enrico Montesano! :surprised:
Remo E Romolo - Greyhaired Generica1.jpg
Remo E Romolo - Greyhaired Generica2.jpg
Remo E Romolo - Greyhaired Generica3.jpg
Originally identified by Mortimer
by Johan Melle
11/04/2021, 1:07
Forum: Most active generici (≥ 100 roles)
Topic: Boscariol, Angelo
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Re: Boscariol, Angelo

Remo e Romolo (1976) as Man at the feast
Remo E Romolo - Angelo Boscariol1.jpg
Remo E Romolo - Angelo Boscariol2.jpg
by Johan Melle
11/04/2021, 0:43
Forum: Most active actors (≥ 50 roles)
Topic: Antonelli, Ennio
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Re: Antonelli, Ennio

After the Fox (Caccia alla volpe) (1966) as Prison guard
After The Fox - Ennio Antonelli1.jpg
After The Fox - Ennio Antonelli2.jpg
by Johan Melle
11/04/2021, 0:24
Forum: Generici (50-99 roles)
Topic: Peccioli, Osvaldo
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Re: Osvaldo Peccioli

Zombi 2 (1979) as Newspaper office employee
Zombi 2 - Chemeri+Peccioli.jpg
by Johan Melle
11/04/2021, 0:23
Forum: Generiche (< 50 roles)
Topic: Chemeri, Giovanna
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Re: Giovanna Chemeri

Zombi 2 (1979) as Newspaper office employee
Zombi 2 - Chemeri+Peccioli.jpg
by Johan Melle
11/04/2021, 0:20
Forum: Generici (50-99 roles)
Topic: Ricci, Franco
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Re: Ricci, Franco

Zombi 2 (1979) as Newspaper office employee
Zombi 2 - Franco Ricci.jpg