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by vecchiaguardia
29/08/2018, 10:33
Forum: Occasional players
Topic: Ceccarelli, Lanfranco
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Ceccarelli, Lanfranco

Lanfranco Ceccarelli in I due crociati (1968) ceccarellicrociati.jpg Lanfranco Ceccarelli often plays a little role in films where he works as production manager. Lanfranco was the younger brother of stuntman Pietro Ceccarelli and the son of actor/generico Stefano Ceccarelli . His date of birth was...
by vecchiaguardia
29/08/2018, 10:17
Forum: Less active actors (< 50 roles)
Topic: Pinelli, Vittorio
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Pinelli, Vittorio

Vittorio Pinelli (on the right) in San Babila ore 20 un delitto inutile (1976) San Babila ore 20 un delitto inutile (1976).jpg Pinelli was an actor who starred in some movies that were made nearby Milan. He had a very peculiar face, and did both criminal and cop roles. We have found him in almost t...
by vecchiaguardia
29/08/2018, 10:05
Forum: Less active actors (< 50 roles)
Topic: Bernardi, Torindo
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Bernardi, Torindo

Torindo Bernardi in Signore e signori, buonanotte (1976). Signore e signori, buonanotte (1976).jpg Filmography 1973 Amarcord .... Priest assistant (uncredited) Polvere di stelle .... Disgusted man leaving theatrical show (uncredited) 1974 Profumo di donna .... Vincenzo ( credited ) 1975 L'ultimo tr...
by vecchiaguardia
29/08/2018, 7:53
Forum: Less active actors (< 50 roles)
Topic: Raccosta, Tony
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Raccosta, Tony

Tony Raccosta in "Annuario degli attori 1983-84". Annuario degli attori 1983-84 (120dpi).jpg Tony Raccosta, (sometimes credited with his real name Domenico Raccosta, is an italian actor and screenwriter. I've read somewhere that he comes from Catania, in Sicily. He wrote the script of Il siculo (19...
by vecchiaguardia
28/08/2018, 20:53
Forum: Less active actors (< 50 roles)
Topic: Di Sipio, Raffaele
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Di Sipio, Raffaele

Raffaele Di Sipio in Asso (1982). Asso (1982).jpg Raffaele "Raf" Di Sipio, worked only in Celentano's movies, because he was his friend. He passed away in the mid-nineties. Filmography 1975 Di che segno sei? .... Judge of the dancing contest (uncredited) Yuppi du .... Man on the toilet (uncredited)...
by vecchiaguardia
28/08/2018, 14:59
Forum: Less active actors (< 50 roles)
Topic: Plebani, Piergiorgio
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Plebani, Piergiorgio

Piergiorgio Plebani in Sono stato io (1973) Sono stato io (1973).jpg Piergiorgio Plebani stars only in pictures shot in Milan. Our forum user UomoBlooper found out this newsreel in wich we knows that he was also a songwriter. Filmography 1971 Homo eroticus .... Bronzini, factory clerk (uncredited) ...
by vecchiaguardia
28/08/2018, 14:43
Forum: Less active actors (< 50 roles)
Topic: Muzio, Joris
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Muzio, Joris

Joris Muzio in Milano odia (1974) Milano odia la polizia non può sparare (1974).jpg Filmography 1963 Il maestro di Vigevano .... Teacher (credited) 1967 Racconti di giovani amori - Segment Il ragazzo di Gigliola .... Judge (credited) 1968 Banditi a Milano .... Policeman (credited) 1972 Sbatti il mo...
by vecchiaguardia
28/08/2018, 14:20
Forum: Less active actors (< 50 roles)
Topic: Benedy, John
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Benedy, John

John Benedy in La tua vita per mio figlio (1980). La tua vita per mio figlio (1980).jpg John Benedy, real name Giovanni De Benedettis, works in fotoromanzi in the 60's and (I presume) in the 70's as well. His filmography, as far as I know, consists in few movies, but his particular face (he had alw...
by vecchiaguardia
27/08/2018, 23:45
Forum: Generici (50-99 roles)
Topic: Bertocci, Bruno
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Bertocci, Bruno

Bruno Bertocci in Inhibition (1976), one of the very rare movies where he is credited. bertocci inhi.png Filmography 1967 Operazione San Pietro .... Man who catches Napoleone (uncredited) Troppo per vivere... poco per morire .... Journalist (uncredited) 1968 7 volte 7 .... Prison guard (uncredited)...
by vecchiaguardia
27/08/2018, 14:55
Forum: Less active actors (< 50 roles)
Topic: Murri, Gino
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Murri, Gino

Gino Murri in Le impiegate stradali (1976) Le impiegate stradali (1976).jpg A little skinny man starring in a relevant number of movies shot in Milan, mainly in the 70's. Filmography 1971 La classe operaia va in paradiso .... Factory worker (uncredited) 1972 Arcana .... Banshee man in the house (un...