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Re: Carla Brait

Post by Emiliano » 23/11/2019, 14:48

At 19 years old, in her first television broadcast (from her words): Io, Gigliola (january 15, 1966), a musical variety dedicated to the singer Gigliola Cinquetti.
She appears only in the episode 2 (of 3). First in a ballet dressed like an hostess...
Io, Gigliola (15-1-1966) P2 001.jpg
Io, Gigliola (15-1-1966) P2 002.jpg
Io, Gigliola (15-1-1966) P2 003.jpg
Io, Gigliola (15-1-1966) P2 004.jpg

...and than as member of the "Gigliola globe trotters", with a basketball player costume.
Io, Gigliola (15-1-1966) P2 005.jpg
Io, Gigliola (15-1-1966) P2 006.jpg
Io, Gigliola (15-1-1966) P2 007.jpg
Io, Gigliola (15-1-1966) P2 008.jpg
Io, Gigliola (15-1-1966) P2 009.jpg
Io, Gigliola (15-1-1966) P2 010.jpg

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Re: Carla Brait

Post by Buono Legnani » 03/12/2020, 13:43

L'erotomane (1974) as Black dancer in the dream

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Re: Carla Brait

Post by Johan Melle » 27/03/2021, 0:54

After a long time away from acting, Carla made a surprise re-appearance in Linda e il brigadiere season 3 (broadcast in 2000), playing the recurring role of Adrina, the aunt of Linda Alberto (Caterina Deregibus), the female protagonist of the series.

Carla first appears in episode 1 "Il destino del brigadiere", where she is present only in a little scene
Linda 3 Ep 1 - Carla Brait1.jpg
Linda 3 Ep 1 - Carla Brait2.jpg
Linda 3 Ep 1 - Carla Brait3.jpg
Linda 3 Ep 1 - Carla Brait4.jpg

She then reappears more prominently episode 4 "Una trappola per Linda", adding a little more depth to her character, which Carla portrays with much warmth and sympathy
Linda 3 Ep 4 - Carla Brait1.jpg
Linda 3 Ep 4 - Carla Brait2.jpg
Linda 3 Ep 4 - Carla Brait3.jpg
Linda 3 Ep 4 - Carla Brait4.jpg
Linda 3 Ep 4 - Carla Brait5.jpg
Linda 3 Ep 4 - Carla Brait6.jpg
Linda 3 Ep 4 - Carla Brait7.jpg

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Re: Brait, Carla

Post by FatmanDan » 05/09/2021, 0:24

T'ammazzo!... Raccomandati a Dio (1968), credited, as Betty

Couldn't find a decent copy.
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