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Marianne Leibl

Posted: 30/08/2018, 11:50
by Emiliano
Portrait of Marianne Leibl from the late 50s, in Cineguida 1959.
Marianne Leibl 120dpi.jpg

(Merano, 24.4.1898 - Rome, 5.6.1988)

Pianist and later painter. Psychologist, a student of Jung in Zurich, she began to "contaminate" psychoanalysis with theosophical and esoteric veins. Then she turned into one of the most important scholars of graphology in Europe.

Starting in the 1950s, she dedicated herself to cinema. Friend of Visconti and Fellini. Mastroianni called her "the seer of the actors". In the 1977 her last book was published and then all the news about her are lost. She passed away many years later at ninety years old [1].

[1] Corriere dell'Alto Adige

  1. Donne senza nome (uncredited) .... Prisoner

  2. Senso (uncredited) .... General Hauptmann's wife

  3. Andrea Chenier (credited as Marianna Leibl) .... Woman on the hunt

  4. War and Peace (uncredited) .... Servant seeing to the new-born baby

  5. Totò e Marcellino (credited as Marianna Leibl) .... The countess

  6. La dolce vita (uncredited) .... Emma's companion in the miracle sequence

  7. La steppa (credits?) .... role?

  8. Gidget goes to Rome (uncredited) .... Seamstress

  9. The Visit (uncredited) .... Villager

  10. Giulietta degli spiriti (uncredited) .... Woman at Bhishma's sitting

  11. Sigpress contro Scotland Yard (credited as Marianne Leible) .... Lady Henderson

  12. Contronatura (The Innaturals) (credited) .... Hertha, the medium
  13. Fellini Satyricon (uncredited) .... Woman aboard the ship

Additional credits
  • Ciao, Federico! (1970) - Documentary about the shooting of Fellini Satyricon (1969). Includes footage of Marianne on the set during the making of the film.

Re: Marianne Leibl

Posted: 24/03/2019, 17:05
by Ciavazzaro
In Contronatura (1969), a memorable and credited role, as Hertha, the medium
Contronatura - Marianne Leibl1.jpg
Contronatura - Marianne Leibl2.jpg
Contronatura - Marianne Leibl3.jpg
Contronatura - Marianne Leibl4.jpg

Credited with Totò in Totò e Marcellino (1958) as The countess

Re: Marianne Leibl

Posted: 24/03/2019, 17:07
by Ciavazzaro
In La steppa (1962)

Uncredited, as seamstress in Gidget goes to Rome (1963)

Re: Marianne Leibl

Posted: 24/03/2019, 20:29
by Johan Melle
La dolce vita (1960) as Emma's companion in the miracle sequence (uncredited)
La Dolce Vita - Marianne Leibl.jpg
La Dolce Vita - Marianne Leibl1.jpg
La Dolce Vita - Marianne Leibl2.jpg

Giulietta degli spiriti (1965) as Woman at Bhishma's sitting (uncredited)
Giulietta Spiriti - Marianne Leibl1.jpg
Giulietta Spiriti - Marianne Leibl2.jpg

Sigpress contro Scotland Yard (1968) as Lady Henderson
Sigpress - Marianne Leibl1.jpg
Sigpress - Marianne Leibl2.jpg
Sigpress - Marianne Leibl3.jpg

Re: Marianne Leibl

Posted: 25/03/2019, 22:07
by van den bremt rudy
Senso (1954) where she plays the role of the wife of general Hauptmann.
Uncredited role in this historical costume drama set in italy in 1866 during the italian - austrian war.
This is a very well known movie.
her earliest movie till now ! also nice pictures.

Re: Marianne Leibl

Posted: 26/03/2019, 17:49
by Johan Melle
Small and early role in Donne senza nome (1950) as One of the prisoners (uncredited - at least in the English credits)
Donne Senza Nome - Marianne Leibl.jpg

Re: Marianne Leibl

Posted: 07/04/2019, 0:40
by Johan Melle
The Visit (1964) as Villager
Visit - Alexeievna+Leibl.jpg

Re: Marianne Leibl

Posted: 15/04/2019, 22:58
by Johan Melle
Very tiny role in War and Peace (1956) as a servant or governess seeing to the new-born baby
War And Peace - Marianne Leibl.jpg

Re: Marianne Leibl

Posted: 11/08/2020, 16:20
by PeplumParadise
Andrea Chenier (1955) credited as Marianna Leibl, as Woman on the hunt

Re: Marianne Leibl

Posted: 24/01/2021, 15:56
by Johan Melle
Just barely visible in Fellini Satyricon (1969) as Woman aboard the ship, watching the fight
Fellini Satyricon - Marianne Leibl1.jpg
Fellini Satyricon - Marianne Leibl2.jpg
Thanks to Nick for the pictures

Although tough to recognize in the actual film, the identity is confirmed by this on-set footage of her in matching costume taken from Ciao, Federico! (1970), a documentary about the shooting of Fellini Satyricon.
Ciao Federico - Marianne Leibl1.jpg
Ciao Federico - Marianne Leibl2.jpg