Hendy, Janine

Niche Actresses of the Italian Genre Cinema
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van den bremt rudy
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Hendy, Janine

Post by van den bremt rudy » 21/05/2022, 23:57

Ragazzo al telefono (TV movie, 1961), credited as Handy Janine, as Second newsagent's client
She is credited in the cast list of Radiocorriere TV magazine.
Download (1) Ragazzo al telefono (1961) 1 1 1.jpg
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Hendy, Janine

Post by Johan Melle » 26/05/2022, 18:37

Abramo Lincoln - Cronaca di un delitto politico (1967) (TV mini-series) - episode 1, credited, as Nancy
Abramo Lincoln - Janine Hendy1.jpg
Abramo Lincoln - Janine Hendy2.jpg
Abramo Lincoln - Janine Hendy3.jpg
Abramo Lincoln - Janine Hendy4.jpg
Abramo Lincoln - Janine Hendy5.jpg
Abramo Lincoln - Janine Hendy6.jpg
Abramo Lincoln - Janine Hendy7.jpg
Abramo Lincoln - Janine Hendy8.jpg

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