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Romano Moraschini

Posted: 29/08/2018, 21:46
by Ciavazzaro
Romano Moraschini in the fotoromanzo Killing N. 34: "Il bacio della morte" (1968)
moraschini fotoromanzo.jpg

Romano Moraschini is another generico, who made many fotoromanzi (especially "Killing"), but of course he was also in movies, including a lot of peplums and westerns. Apparently, he was only credited in fotoromanzi - never in films.

  1. Che gioia vivere (uncredited) .... Officer in trench at airship launch

  2. 4 monaci (uncredited) .... Carabinieri guard at the trial
  3. Le sette spade del vendicatore (uncredited) .... Guard at the play
  4. Maciste, il gladiatore più forte del mondo (uncredited) .... Man giving assistance after attack

  5. I due colonnelli (uncredited) .... SS soldier
  6. D'Artagnan contro i tre Moschettieri (uncredited) .... role?
  7. Le mani sulla città (uncredited) .... Spectator in parliament
  8. Totòsexy (uncredited) .... Prisoner

  9. Gli schiavi più forti del mondo (uncredited) .... Spectator at tournament
  10. I due evasi di Sing-Sing (uncredited) .... Sing-Sing prison guard
  11. I due gladiatori (uncredited) .... Imprisoned villager
  12. I due pericoli pubblici (uncredited) .... Man in line at the employment office
  13. I predoni della steppa (uncredited) .... Mongol
  14. Il magnifico gladiatore (uncredited) .... Praetorian guard / Prisoner in quarry with Astrufus
  15. Il trionfo dei dieci gladiatori (uncredited) .... Guard
  16. Il trionfo di Ercole (uncredited) .... Villager
  17. L'ultimo gladiatore (uncredited) .... Guard / Roman citizen
  18. La vendetta dei gladiatori (uncredited) .... General with Ezio / Palace guard
  19. La vendetta di Spartacus (uncredited) .... Archer rebel
  20. Maciste gladiatore di Sparta (uncredited) .... Guard
  21. Maciste nell'inferno di Gengis Khan (uncredited) .... Angry villager
  22. Roma contro Roma (uncredited) .... Man in Aderbad's cave
  23. Sansone e il tesoro degli Incas (uncredited) .... Bartender
  24. Sfida a Rio Bravo (uncredited) .... Man outside saloon

  25. Adios Gringo (uncredited) .... Member of the lynch mob, Ranchester henchman
  26. Casanova '70 (uncredited) .... Police guard in the courtroom
  27. Golia alla conquista di Bagdad (uncredited) .... Warrior
  28. La montagna di Luce (uncredited) .... One of Sitama's men
  29. La sfida dei giganti (uncredited) .... Prisoner
  30. Un dollaro bucato (uncredited) .... Saloon customer

  31. 1000 dollari sul nero (uncredited) .... Townsman
  32. Django (uncredited) .... One of Rodriguez's bandits
  33. El Rojo (uncredited) .... Saloon customer
  34. I Coltelli del Vendicatore (uncredited) .... Important Viking
  35. La Bibbia (uncredited) .... Sinful man

  36. Le streghe (uncredited) .... Man on the road to stadium
  37. Odio per odio (uncredited) .... Prison guard
  38. Tutto Totò (TV series) - episode 6: "Totò ciak" (uncredited) .... Townsman

  39. Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto (uncredited) .... Policeman

  40. Detenuto in attesa di giudizio (uncredited) .... Prison guard
  41. Maddalena (uncredited) .... Prison inmate

  42. Girolimoni, il mostro di Roma (uncredited) .... Man keeping watch
  43. Il coltello di ghiaccio (uncredited) .... Policeman
  44. Il sindacalista (uncredited) .... Worker
  45. Joe Valachi - I segreti di Cosa Nostra (uncredited) .... Maranzano underboss
  46. Roma (uncredited) .... Audience member in the Teatrino della Barafonda
  47. Sette orchidee macchiate di rosso (uncredited) .... Policeman
  48. Tutti fratelli nel West... per parte di padre (uncredited) .... Horny cowboy

  49. Anastasia mio fratello (uncredited) .... Mobster in church
  50. Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli (uncredited) .... Man in audience at the wrestling match
  51. Diario di una vergine romana (uncredited) .... Spectator in the arena
  52. Il picciotto (TV mini series) (uncredited) .... Defendant in court
  53. Il suo nome faceva tremare... Interpol in allarme (uncredited) .... Prisoner in visitors hall
  54. La polizia è al servizio del cittadino (uncredited) .... Man at the police station for interrogation
  55. Partirono preti, tornarono... curati (uncredited) .... Don Felipe's man
  56. Polvere di stelle (uncredited) .... Spectator at Theatre Caracioni
  57. Tutti figli di Mammasantissima (uncredited) .... role?
  58. Zanna Bianca (uncredited) .... Witness (named either Carter, Crocker or Covensky)

  59. Eroi all'inferno (uncredited) .... Nazi soldier
  60. Farfallon (uncredited) .... Agricultural penal colony guard
  61. Flavia la monaca musulmana (uncredited) .... The executioner
  62. La rivolta delle gladiatrici (uncredited) .... Spectator in the arena
  63. Nipoti miei diletti (uncredited) .... Brothel client
  64. Piedino il questurino (uncredited) .... Policeman

  65. L'esorciccio (uncredited) .... Official at the barber shop ribbon cutting
  66. Salon Kitty (uncredited) .... Stretcher-bearer

  67. La pretora (uncredited) .... Man paying the ticket to the projectionist
  68. Poliziotti violenti (uncredited) .... Policeman in car
  69. Uomini si nasce, poliziotti si muore (uncredited) .... Policeman at the hostage situation

  70. Napoli spara (uncredited) .... Inmate

Re: Romano Moraschini

Posted: 05/09/2018, 21:32
by Johan Melle
Romano was a very prolific bad guy actor in fotoromanzi and he was especially active in the notorious Killing fotoromanzi in the 1960s. Here are a few of his Killing roles:

Killing N. 3: "Bambole e dollari" (July 1966)
Killing 3 - Romano Moraschini.jpg

Killing N. 7: "Notte di terrore" (November 1966)
Killing 7 - Romano Moraschini.jpg

Killing N. 20: "Sul filo del terrore" (1 July 1967)
Killing 20 - Romano Moraschini.jpg

Killing N. 24: "La torre della tortura" (1 September 1967)
Killing 24 - Romano Moraschini.jpg

Killing N. 32: "Nuda per il boia" (1 January 1968)
Killing 32 - Romano Moraschini.jpg

Actor profiles were created for a lot of the regular Killing actors, and one for Romano was published in Killing N. 27: "L'implacabile vendetta" (15 October 1967)
Killing 27 - Romano Moraschini Profile1.jpg

Killing 27 - Romano Moraschini Profile2.jpg

Killing 27 - Romano Moraschini Profile3.jpg

Looking at the pictures in his actor profile, it looks like Romano appeared in a lot of westerns. It's also interesting to note that in these pictures, he can be seen together with his 'generico' colleagues Angelo Casadei and Giuseppe Marrocco.

Re: Romano Moraschini

Posted: 05/09/2018, 21:43
by Johan Melle
As indicated by his Killing actor profile, Romano shows up in several westerns.
Here he is in Sansone e il tesoro degli Incas (1964) as a bartender who knocks out a few of the saloon brawlers with beer bottles :D
Sansone Tesoro Incas - Romano Moraschini1.jpg
Sansone Tesoro Incas - Romano Moraschini2.jpg

He was also active in peplum. Here in I due gladiatori (1964)
Due Gladiatori - Romano Moraschini1.jpg
Due Gladiatori - Romano Moraschini2.jpg
It wasn't possible to get any good shots, but it's Romano for sure as one of the imprisoned villagers

And here with Tony Casale in Golia alla conquista di Bagdad (1965)
Golia Alla Conquista - Casale + Moraschini.jpg

And as one of the prisoners who are freed in La sfida dei giganti (1965)
La Sfida Dei Giganti - Romano Moraschini1.jpg
La Sfida Dei Giganti - Romano Moraschini2.jpg

Romano also appears in the epic production La Bibbia (1966), seen here in the middle with shaved head and dark paint under his eyes as one of the sinful people in the 'Noah's Ark' sequence
La Bibbia - Romano Moraschini.jpg

Re: Romano Moraschini

Posted: 05/09/2018, 22:00
by Johan Melle
Moving on to some 1970s roles.

Romano can be glimpsed very briefly as a prison guard in Detenuto in attesa di giudizio (1971)
Detenuto In Attesa - Romano Moraschini.jpg

And here as a policeman in the great Umberto Lenzi giallo Il coltello di ghiaccio (1972)
Coltello - Romano Moraschini.jpg

He also appears as a policeman in another Umberto Lenzi giallo, Sette orchidee macchiate di rosso (1972)
Sette Orchidee - Romano Moraschini.jpg

In Anastasia mio fratello (1973) he's a mobster, seen here singing in the church
Anastasia - Romano Moraschini.jpg

He also appears briefly in Zanna Bianca (1973), together with Luigi Antonio Guerra and Tony Casale
Zanna Bianca - Romano Moraschini.jpg
They play characters named Carter, Crocker and Covensky, but I don't know who is named what. IMDb lists Romano as playing Carter, but that's just a supposition, really.

He's also in the audience at the wrestling match in Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli (1973). I'm not able to get any good shots, but this is definitely Romano (with a black hat) cheering and shouting during the fight
Anche Gli Angeli - Romano Moraschini1.jpg
Anche Gli Angeli - Romano Moraschini2.jpg

Romano in Tutti figli di Mammasantissima (1973) as a mobster
Tutti Figli Mammasantissima - Moraschini.jpg
ID by Ciavazzaro

And let's not forget Romano's role as the executioner who flays poor Florinda Bolkan alive at the end of Flavia la monaca musulmana (1974)
Flavia - Romano Moraschini1.jpg
Flavia - Romano Moraschini2.jpg
Flavia - Romano Moraschini3.jpg

Also seen briefly in Salon Kitty (1975), carrying the stretcher with the poor Rosemarie Lindt
Salon Kitty - Romano Moraschini.jpg

And here finally as a prison inmate in Napoli spara (1977) - the latest discovery of him so far
Napoli Spara - Romano Moraschini.jpg

Re: Romano Moraschini

Posted: 05/09/2018, 22:11
by Johan Melle
Romano's topic is now fully restored - with all pictures and roles from the old forum. Which means it's time for some new discoveries! ;)

Let's start with another peplum role.
Romano as a guard in L'ultimo gladiatore (1964)
L'Ultimo Gladiatore - Romano Moraschini.jpg

And here as a townsman in the western 1000 dollari sul nero (1966)
1000 Dollari Sul Nero - Moraschini.jpg

And finally as a man keeping watch in Girolimoni, il mostro di Roma (1972)
Girolimoni - Romano Moraschini.jpg

Furthermore, I've also found Romano in I due evasi di Sing-Sing (1964) as one of the guards dragging Franco and Ciccio to the death chamber at the start of the film, but the version I have is so awful that I can only post these awful screenshots
Due Evasi - Romano Moraschini1.jpg
Due Evasi - Romano Moraschini2.jpg
Due Evasi - Romano Moraschini3.jpg
Due Evasi - Romano Moraschini4.jpg
If anyone has a better version, then please replace these awful pics.

Re: Romano Moraschini

Posted: 07/09/2018, 20:07
by Johan Melle
Romano just keeps popping up everywhere.

Now I've found him as a cop in the famous Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto (1970)!
Indagine Cittadino - Romano Moraschini1.jpg
Indagine Cittadino - Romano Moraschini2.jpg

Re: Romano Moraschini

Posted: 09/09/2018, 2:03
by Johan Melle
And Romano continues to show up everywhere!
This time as a policeman keeping guard on Marcello Mastroianni in the courtroom scene in Casanova '70 (1965)
Casanova 70 - Romano Moraschini1.jpg
Casanova 70 - Romano Moraschini2.jpg

Re: Romano Moraschini

Posted: 12/09/2018, 3:47
by carlos
In one of the most famous Italian Westerns, Django (1966) one of Rodriguez's bandits
vlcsnap-2018-09-11 Django bandit.png

Re: Romano Moraschini

Posted: 12/09/2018, 18:34
by Johan Melle
Great find! I knew it would only be a matter of time before the western roles began to tick in ;)

Re: Romano Moraschini

Posted: 17/09/2018, 2:41
by carlos
El Rojo (1966) saloon customer with Donadeo
vlcsnap-2018-09-16 Moraschini2 ElRojo.jpg
vlcsnap-2018-09-16 Moraschini1 ElRojo.jpg