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Fernando Arcangeli

Post by Ciavazzaro » 29/08/2018, 0:00

Fernando Arcangeli in Emanuelle in America
If you think that Bruno Alias was the only generico who made gay xxx movies scenes, you are dead wrong !
Here we have the great Fernando Arcangeli a great generico (which i found in the book LUCE ROSSA) who was very active in dozens of movies of all genre, but also was a very important actor in the xxx industries.
He almost Always plays homosexual roles, and in some movie he even made passive GAY sex scenes !!!
So welcome to Fernando too, who seems to have been credited only in Amore Tossico (1983)


  1. Bluff storia di truffe e di imbroglioni (uncredited) ... Jewellery clerk
  2. Emanuelle in America (uncredited) ... Antonio Ramirez
  3. Italia a mano armata (uncredited) .... Prisoner
  4. La poliziotta fa carriera (uncredited) ... Priest

  5. Taxi Girl (uncredited) ... Dancer

  6. L'ultimo guappo (uncredited) Man in resturant
  7. Telefoni bianchi (uncredited) .... Man in brothel

  8. Sesso nero (uncredited) .... Male stripper

  9. Il turno (uncredited) .... Man dancing
  10. Lion of the desert (uncredited) .... Man at the trial

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