Giulio Bottoni

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Giulio Bottoni

Post by Ciavazzaro » 29/08/2018, 8:13

Giulio Bottoni in Colpo di stato
Giulio Bottoni is another generico, i found out on the cidb.
He seems to have been quite busy on movies in the 1960's and 1970's, but never seems to have ever been credited in movies, so i suppose he was in fotoromanzi.
So welcome to generico n.90 !
He was identify many years ago by Johan Melle who found him credited in a rare fotoromanzo produced for France: Le roi du F.B.I. n. 23: "La mort a la vie dure" from January 1970
He was also present in many fotoromanzi for Lancio, never credited.


  1. L'attico (uncredited) .... Wedding guest

  2. Casanova '70 (uncredited) .... Juror

  3. I 2 vigili (uncredited) .... A politician at the secret meeting

  4. I 2 deputati (uncredited) .... Journalist from "Giornale d'Italia"

  5. Colpo di stato (uncredited) .... Scrutineer

  6. Continuavano a chimarlo Trinità (uncredited) .... Restaurant guest

  7. Vogliamo i colonnelli (uncredited) ... Party guest

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Re: Giulio Bottoni

Post by Ciavazzaro » 08/10/2018, 22:22

Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità as Restaurant guest
Continuavano Chiamarlo Trinita - Bottoni.jpg

I 2 vigili (1967) as A politician at the secret meeting
I 2 Vigili - Giulio Bottoni.jpg

Vogliamo i colonnelli (1973) as Party guest
Vogliamo Colonnelli - Giulio Bottoni.jpg

I 2 deputati (1968) as Journalist from "Giornale d'Italia

And outside the church at the wedding in L'attico (1962)
bottoni attico.png

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Re: Giulio Bottoni

Post by Johan Melle » 15/10/2018, 21:55

Casanova '70 (1965) as Juror
Casanova 70 - Giulio Bottoni.jpg

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