Maurizio Piacenti

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Maurizio Piacenti

Post by Ciavazzaro » 29/08/2018, 21:04

Maurizio Piacenti in I ragazzi di celluloide
piacenti celluloide.png
And let's continue with more generici !
Here i present you Maurizio Piacenti, i found him the first time credited in the tv-mini series I ragazzi di celluloide, after that in the last times, i finally found him in many many movies as generico.
He is credited too in La Traviata(1968) where he sings opera, and Il pirata dello sparviero nero (1958)


  1. La Traviata (credited) ... Marquis d'Obigny

  2. Quelli della calibro 38 (uncredited) Journalist

  3. Madame Bovary (TV-Mini Series) (credited) Edgardo

  4. I carabbimatti( uncredited) .... Party guest

  5. Il Paramedico (uncredited) .... Party guest

  6. Occhio, malocchio, prezzemolo e finocchio (uncredited) .... Television spectactor

  7. E la vita continua (TV-Mini Series) (uncredited) Engineer
  8. I ragazzi di celluloide 2 (credited) ... Old neighboor

  9. Grandi Magazzini (uncredited) ... Grandi Magazzini Board Member

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Re: Maurizio Piacenti

Post by Ciavazzaro » 31/08/2018, 21:51

I checked first La traviata (1968) where he is credited as Marquis d'Obigny, and here we are, a lot younger off course, but for me he is the same man:
Maurizio should also be present according to the credit in Madame Bovary (1978) in another opera role, but is very hard because he have a brown wing, what do you think ?, the fact this is another opera role make me think he is him again
Also i don't have IL PIRATA DELLO SPARVIERO NERO (1958)
If anyone have it, can check ? he should play Pirata Rosso Gammino

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Re: Maurizio Piacenti

Post by Ciavazzaro » 31/08/2018, 21:58

And in order to end (for now) some classic generico party guest roles

First he have his drink stolen by mad Andy Luotto in I carabbimatti (1981)
And here together with Daniela Poggi in Il paramedico (1982)
Im sure soon we will found more roles !

New role for Maurizio this time in Grandi Magazzini (1986) as board member
piacenti magazzini.jpg
And more roles, here as spectactor in Occhio, malocchio, prezzemolo e finocchio (1983)
Earliest role so far Quelli della calibro 38 (1976)
And little role in the sceneggiato E la vita continua (1984) as engineer who like very much Dagmar Lassander biggrin.gif
piacenti vita.png

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Re: Maurizio Piacenti

Post by Johan Melle » 24/09/2018, 8:35

He really was a professional opera singer! He appeared in the opera "Alceste" by C.W. Gluck in 1967. Here's a CD release of this opera and he's credited on the cover
Gluck Opera.jpg

I also found an entry for him at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma website, showing he appeared there in the operas "Tosca" in 1969 and "Madama Butterfly" in 1974-75: ... -piacenti/

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