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Pasquale Ragno

Posted: 29/08/2018, 21:31
by Ciavazzaro
Pasquale Ragno in Italia: ultimo atto? (1977)
pasquale ita.png
Umberto Numarini is another generico, which i have found in many movies, it was identify by TRS who saw him on a fotoromanzo page, and who asked Johan who knows his name, because he was credited in another fotoromanzo.
Hopefully, soon we will found many roles for him!


  1. Roma a mano armata (uncredited) .... Policeman

  2. Italia: ultimo atto? (uncredited) .... Policeman on the train

  3. Il furto della Gioconda (TV-Mini Series) (uncredited) .... Louvre guard
  1. Letizia N. 85: "C'รจ un bandito nel mio cuore" (March 1968)