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Polar Beard

Posted: 02/09/2020, 17:24
by PeplumParadise
The unidentified actor known as "Polar Beard" in Che gioia vivere (1961)

Another graduate from our Whitebeard project, "Polar Beard" was a short actor with a uniquely-styled big bushy white beard, active in Italian films at least throughout the 60's.

  1. Annibale .... One of Hannibal's men
  2. Ben-Hur (uncredited) .... Spectator at victorious return / Spectator at crucifixion march
  3. Cartagine in fiamme .... Man in marketplace

  4. Esther and the King (uncredited) .... Jewish man
  5. Il mattatore (uncredited) .... Prison inmate
  6. Il terrore della maschera rossa (uncredited) .... Spectator at fight
  7. Salambò (uncredited) .... Man in crowd at stoning

  8. Che gioia vivere .... Prisoner 97
  9. Nefertite, regina del Nilo .... Soldier

  10. L'arciere delle mille e una notte .... Courtier
  11. La marcia su Roma .... Prison inmate

  12. Il crollo di Roma .... Christian prisoner
  13. L'eroe di Babilonia .... Man in the temple
  14. Maciste, l'eroe più grande del mondo .... Man in the tavern

  15. Che fine ha fatto Totò baby? .... Man at the pension office
  16. Gli invincibili fratelli Maciste .... Old prisoner working the mill
  17. I due gladiatori .... Old man questioned by guards
  18. I magnifici brutos del West .... Saloon customer
  19. I pirati della Malesia .... Prisoner in the mines
  20. La rivolta dei sette .... Spectator at street show
  21. La vendetta dei gladiatori .... Christian
  22. La vendetta di Spartacus .... Refugee

  23. Adios gringo .... Saloon customer
  24. Il gladiatore che sfidò l'impero .... Nobleman

  25. Come svaligiammo la banca d'Italia .... Newspaper seller
  26. Operazione Goldman .... Man in hibernation chamber

Re: Polar Beard

Posted: 02/09/2020, 17:26
by PeplumParadise
Che gioia vivere (1961) as Prisoner 97

Re: Polar Beard

Posted: 02/09/2020, 17:30
by PeplumParadise
L'arciere delle mille e una notte (1962) at the far right, as Courtier

Re: Polar Beard

Posted: 02/09/2020, 17:34
by PeplumParadise
I due gladiatori (1964) as Old man questioned by guards

Re: Polar Beard

Posted: 02/09/2020, 17:40
by PeplumParadise
Adios gringo (1965) as Saloon customer

Re: Polar Beard

Posted: 02/09/2020, 17:49
by PeplumParadise
While it was agreed that the actor in the 4 films above was all the same person, there are a number of other possible identifications from the Whitebeard project that people were less certain about, so I'll leave these here for now to be added or eliminated in the future when we know our man a little better (or when better quality images show up). For the record the 6 films here are
28. Maciste contro i mongoli (1963)
29. Maciste, l'eroe piu grande del mondo (1963)
41. L'ultimo gladiatore (1964)
45. La vendetta di Spartacus (1964)
51. Coca Cola commercial (1966)
123. Gli invincibili fratelli Maciste (1964)

Re: Polar Beard

Posted: 03/09/2020, 19:38
by PeplumParadise
Come svaligiammo la banca d'Italia (1966) as Newspaper seller
Come Svaligiammo - Whitebeard1.jpg
Come Svaligiammo - Whitebeard2.jpg
Come Svaligiammo - Whitebeard3.jpg
Thanks to Johan for the sharper images

Re: Polar Beard

Posted: 11/09/2020, 17:50
by PeplumParadise
Ben-Hur (1959) as Spectator at victorious return. I'd say I'm 95% sure this is our man, I'm sure it will be easier to confirm once we know him a little better. Also seen in a second role as Spectator at the crucifixion march.

Re: Polar Beard

Posted: 05/10/2020, 10:58
by PeplumParadise
Il crollo di Roma (1963) as Christian prisoner

Re: Polar Beard

Posted: 16/10/2020, 11:06
by PeplumParadise
La rivolta dei sette (1964) only seen in profile and from behind as as the camera pans around, but I think it is still certainly him as Man watching the street show