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Catharina Dahlin

Post by Johan Melle » 29/08/2018, 15:01

Catharina Dahlin in the Annuario degli attori 1974

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Alias: Caterina Dalin, Caterina Dahlin

Catharina Dahlin in a Swedish actress born in 1944, and who later ended up in Italy where she appeared uncredited in many films during the 1970s and 80s. Though she played many tiny roles, she also had quite a few speaking parts, such as happened in Delitto sull'autostrada (1982), where she's jokingly seduced by Tomas Milian that asks to her: "Do you have a license for these pair of eyes"? She also has a fairly large role in Fellini's La città delle donne (1980).

Catharina was identified by Emiliano thanks to her listing in the Annuario degli attori 1974.


  1. Doppio delitto (credited) .... Edith
  2. L'altra metà del cielo (uncredited) .... Party guest
  3. Per amore di Poppea (uncredited) .... Servant

  4. Emanuelle e le porno notti (uncredited) .... Horny woman sitting on dildo-chair

  5. La supplente va in città (uncredited) .... German customer
  6. Pensione amore servizio completo (uncredited) .... Romant client of Pensione Amore

  7. La città delle donne (uncredited) .... Housemaid / Stan Laurel

  8. Delitto sull'autostrada (uncredited) .... Cinema cashier

  9. 2019 - Dopo la caduta di New York (uncredited) .... Rat eater
  10. Il tassinaro (uncredited) .... Sheik's girl
  11. Lo specchio del desiderio (uncredited) .... Prostitute

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