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Johan Melle
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Re: Bruno Boschetti

Post by Johan Melle » 21/03/2020, 18:59

La vita di Leonardo da Vinci (1971) (TV mini series), episode 3. Bruno is credited in the cast list as playing a gentleman at the ball, but is not visible anywhere in the ball sequence. There are lots of extras in this scene, however, and some of them are never clearly shown, so Bruno could well be one of them...
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Re: Bruno Boschetti

Post by themefi » 06/05/2020, 17:05

Credited in "La Notte dei Serpenti" (1970 Giulio Petroni) as Mexican soldier
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Credited in "Quel gran pezzo dell' Ubalda, tutta nuda tutta calda" (1972 Mariano Laurenti)
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van den bremt rudy
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Re: Bruno Boschetti

Post by van den bremt rudy » 30/06/2020, 21:51

The underground (Il clandestino) (1970) credited, role uncertain
This is a fairly unknown Spanish-Italian co-production
There is a 7 minute clip on youtube, but he is not seen in it
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This credit of the movie was already put in topic of Nino Musco by Nick.

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Re: Bruno Boschetti

Post by FatmanDan » 13/09/2020, 15:40

´Senza ragione` is listed twice in the filmo.

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