How to find quickly a snapshot from the actor's filmography

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How to find quickly a snapshot from the actor's filmography

Post by Emiliano » 23/05/2019, 10:00

I recently implemented the search function which was natively throttled. Sometimes it may happen that you have to browse through all the pages of an actor to find his snapshot from a specific film. This research is helpful for example when you have a better quality image that you would like to replace, or just to see if it already exists.

In this case you can use the search engine located at the beginning of the topic, in the first post, top left. All you need to do is write some words contained in the title of the film.

In this case, for example, the film I'm looking for in Zanussi's topic is A pugni nudi. I type the film in the window highlighted by the red arrow and press the magnifying glass to start the search.


The search will find the POST where the image is located. Then I simply click on the link highlighted by the red arrow to load the post.


NOTE: the search will always show a minimum of 2 results, the post and the title in the filmography (if present).

Research can also work in reverse. That is starting from the film to find all the actors that have been discovered in it. Just enter the title in the movie in the search window at the top of the forum.


And all the posts in which this film is mentioned will appear (and therefore also the snapshots from the filmographies of the actors discovered).


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