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REGULATIONS (read before browsing)

Post by Emiliano » 26/08/2018, 12:13

Warning: adults only

By proceeding to this forum, you agree to the following terms and conditions: you certify that you are 18 years of age or older, and are not offended by sexually explicit imagery. You agree that you will not permit any person under 18 years of age to have access to this site.


This is a no-profit research and film exploration forum. We are a group of fans of Italian cinema and we decided to use our passion to rebuild entire filmographies of actors whose names most often are unknown and whose faces often appear for only a few seconds in a film. They are the so-called "generici cinematografici". In some years we have done justice to many of our unknown performers, through detailed filmographies accompanied by a large department of images from their films, photographs and more.
Why is it called "Thrilling Forum"? Simply because it all started to try to recognize some actors in some Italian Giallo films, the so called Thrillings.

This forum is especially dedicated to the actors who played in the 60s and 70s in the Italian cinema. Here they are classified according to the role mainly played in the cinema environment, during their careers. These are the sections in which they were subdivided:

1) Little-know actors
These are actors who have not achieved great fame in the mainstream and who usually played supporting roles (also uncredited) in many movies in their careers. Here we celebrate these actors, often forgotten, but that a lot have given to the Italian cinema.

2) Generici cinematografici
Who is the "generico"? He is an "extra", a person who appears on the scene as a complementary numerical element of the scene without interpreting a certain character or a precise role, inserted appropriately in the scenic context in order to allow close shots and close-ups, even if he does not normally pronounce lines. Often the Generico is "elected" to "figurazione speciale / special figuration", when he have to pronounce even just one line, as example even a greeting. They are almost never accredited in the movies in which they participate.

3) Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (C.S.C.)
This section is dedicated to the actors graduated at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome (C.S.C.) in 60s & 70s, the oldest Italian school foundation of teaching, research and experimentation in the field of cinematography.
Many of those actors, due to a law that allowed them to obtain state monetary benefits for productions, were included in the casts for the sole purpose of obtaining this money for production, so often they were reduced to the ground role of an extra, while sometimes appear credited in the films but in reality they did not participate at all. Here we give a little justice to their interpretations and their dream of becoming great actors.

4) Movies Database
A full cast list of the most famous italian thrillings and the unknown actors that appears in it.

Forum use and F.A.Q.

Registration at this forum is moderated by the admin to prevent the attack of spambots. So, from the moment you make your request, it may take a few days for your approval. Just registered, as a Newly member, your first posts will be moderated. Accounts with temporary or suspicious emails will not be activated.

How to post and upload images into the forum?
We do not like images uploaded on the third-party hosting sites. To insert the image directly in the forum, read this guide.

How to capture a still image from a movie?
Two freeware program fit for purpose are Media Player Classic and VLC Player. By default VLC Player makes snapshots in PNG format. We prefer JPG format because it's smaller and faster to download. If you're not able to switch this function, read this guide.

Policy for the adult pictures
The hot pics can be upload as you like but with the "censorship star" on the genital organs. This is not because of bigotry, but because this forum, under Italian law, is not meant to contain images of this type.

Can I put a movie title in the filmography of the actor?
Not, you can't post the title of a film directly in the filmography of the actor (at the first post). The first available moderator has the responsibility to cheack your post and update the filmography with your signalation.

Do you want to identify an actor? Have you seen a movie and would like to know who is a specific actor?
Open a new topic in this forum, than upload the images of your actor. We will try to help you, if we can.

Forum policy to IMDb and Wikipedia
The Internet Movie Database is a great tool for work (also Wikipedia - sometimes), unfortunately they're not so reliable to take everything that writes for gold. So, we do not include the titles from IMDb and Wikipedia in our filmographies without having first the images of these roles. In summary: we accept only roles verified by us and we won't add titles in the filmographies without an image because we must verify your attribution.


By registering at the Thrilling Forum, you declare that you accept and comply with the guidelines contained in this regulation.
  1. The administrator reserves the right to change all or part of the regulations at its discretion and without notice.
  2. The moderators of this forum have the right to remove, modify, move or close any discussion or message. Users are required to accept always the decisions and indications of the moderators and the administrator.
  3. It is the user's right to withdraw from the registration and request cancellation of his personal data from the registration database, but not the cancellation of his / her messages (posts).
  4. The registered user is personally and legally responsible for the statements made and published material, and undertakes not to send messages that may violate the laws in force. It is his responsibility to verify its copyrights. The individual posts are considered the responsibility of the individual users and therefore the administrator is not responsible for any behavior harmful to the law.
  5. This material is protected by copyright Creative Commons License 4.0 International. In order to protect the intellectual work here present, the forum is considered as a whole the intellectual property of the administrator. You are free to share, copy, distribute and transmit the work, to remix, to adapt the work, only in the following conditions:
    1. attribution - you must attribute the work;
    2. non-commercial - this work can not be used for commercial purposes.
    We are used to be looted and not being mentioned, so we do not get angry for this: you have to deal with your honesty. However, I do not allow anyone to make a profit from our job.
In case of urgent problems or complaints, contact the admin: here.

Utilizzo delle immagini - Regolamentazione italiana
Le immagini esposte sono utilizzate solo ad uso di critica e discussione. I detentori dei diritti, qualora lo ritenessero opportuno, possono chiederne l'immediata rimozione inviando un messaggio con questo modulo.
Si rammenta che nel dicembre 2011 è stata approvata una modifica alla Legge italiana sul diritto d’autore (633/1941), che prevede l’introduzione del comma 1 bis all’articolo 70.
La nuova norma recita:
1. Il riassunto, la citazione o la riproduzione di brani o di parti di opera e la loro comunicazione al pubblico sono liberi se effettuati per uso di critica o di discussione, nei limiti giustificati da tali fini e purchè non costituiscano concorrenza all'utilizzazione economica dell'opera; se effettuati a fini di insegnamento o di ricerca scientifica l'utilizzo deve inoltre avvenire per finalità illustrative e per fini non commerciali.
(1-bis. E' consentita la libera pubblicazione attraverso la rete internet, a titolo gratuito, di immagini e musiche a bassa risoluzione o degradate, per uso didattico o scientifico e solo nel caso in cui tale utilizzo non sia a scopo di lucro. Con decreto del Ministro per i beni e le attivita' culturali, sentiti il Ministro della pubblica istruzione e il Ministro dell'università e della ricerca, previo parere delle Commissioni parlamentari competenti, sono definiti i limiti all'uso didattico o scientifico di cui al presente comma).
3. Il riassunto, la citazione o la riproduzione debbono essere sempre accompagnati dalla menzione del titolo dell'opera, dei nomi dell'autore, dell'editore e, se si tratti di traduzione, del traduttore, qualora tali indicazioni figurino sull'opera riprodotta.
In particolare è stato redatto il Decreto Ministeriale Comma 1 bis, art. 70, legge 633/1941 che estende il comma 1 bis e in particolare definisce che:
Non concorre a costituire il fine di lucro di cui al comma 1 bis dell’art. 70, legge 21 aprile 1941, n. 633, l’eventuale ricorso da parte del soggetto pubblicante o del fornitore della piattaforma a forme di rimborso degli oneri di manutenzione e pubblicazione, quali, a titolo esemplificativo, l’apposizione di banner o l’iscrizione in circuiti pubblicitari, quando la pubblicazione delle opere protette sia accessoria ai contenuti resi disponibili.

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Forum Use & Regulations

Post by Emiliano » 26/08/2018, 15:00

How to switch VLC media player snapshots: from PNG to JPG

By default VLC media player makes the snapshots in PNG format, very defined, but too heavy to be loaded and downloaded by those who see the page. I'll describe in short steps how to set JPG as the defaul format for snapshots.
Select from top menu "Prefecences".


From left menu, select "Video".


Scroll down.


Switch PNG to JPG.


Save and exit, done!


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Forum Use & Regulations (read before browsing)

Post by Emiliano » 28/08/2018, 10:19

Funcion "Report this post"

At the top left, above each post you will find the function "Report this post"


This command is particularly useful to us. For example, if you come across a missing image, by reporting it to us, you can actively contribute to the improvement of the forum.

All you have to do is click on it, choose an item from the drop down menu and "Submit" your report.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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Forum Use & Regulations

Post by Emiliano » 05/09/2018, 21:49

Post style

To make the reading of the pages more pleasant and above all make the title of the film from which the snapshot is taken, more clener, it is necessary to adopt a minimum of formatting to insert the posts. Nothing complicated or too much work!

First of all, write your line in tiny block letters: Title of the movie (in bold style - read further below how to do it), year of production (in brackets), role / part played by the actor (in italic). Then write your comment, as you like. In the case of a "generico", specifies only when the actor is credited.

Example for a credited role:
Credited role in Perché non facciamo l'amore? (1981) as Dental patient
Example for an uncredited role:
Piedone a Hong Kong (1975) as Nightclub client

Upload the image

After this, upload the image(s). Since we have unlimited web space to upload images, we do not use external hosting sites! The uploading procedure is very simple:


Multiple images upload

You can also insert multiple images at once. But you can not insert them in the post at the same time.
You always have to click on "Place Inline", one by one. To upload multiple images, click on the first image in your folder with the left mouse button, release button, hold the "SHIFT" button and click on the last image and upload all the images in the list (ordered by your folder preference). Otherwise to load random images, click with the left mouse button on the first selected image and select the successive ones by holding down the CTRL key.


The maximum size for each individual attachment is 1 MB

Advanced posting style

A post with multiple images must appear in the end like this:


If you want to insert more movies in a post, format it in this way:


How to apply the Bold Style for the titles


Than you can Submit your post.

Style for the first post or more elegant posts


To do this:


If you have any questions, contact the admin.

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Forum Use & Regulations

Post by Emiliano » 15/09/2018, 21:22

Private messages / Outbox / Sent

When you send a Private message, it sits in the Outbox for quite some time (until the receiver opens it). It doesn't move to the Sent folder until the contact read it. In this time you can still edit it or cancel it altogether.

So, don't sending the pm multiple times because your fear it's not going through.

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Forum Use & Regulations

Post by Emiliano » 29/09/2018, 21:35

Replacing low quality images with new ones

If you want to replace and old low-quality images with new one, if you are a moderator delete the old one and create new post, otherwise no one will notice that they have been posted. If you're a normal user, simply creare a new post and write a line in the bottom: "new pic".

It’s appreciate if you bring back the credit of who made the original identification, with a line: “ID by nameoftheauthor”.