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Introduction to the Thrilling forum

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Welcome! This is a no-profit research and film exploration forum.

We are a group of fans of Italian and european cinema and we decided to use our passion to rebuild entire filmographies of actors whose names most often are unknown and whose faces often appear for only a few seconds in a film.

Since the 2008, we we do justice to many of our mostly unknown performers, through detailed filmographies accompanied by a large department of images from their films, photographs and more.

This is it called "Thrilling forum" simply because it all started to try to recognize some actors in some Italian Giallo films, the so called Thrillings.

Forum sections
These forums are especially dedicated to the actors who played in the 60s and 70s in the Italian cinema. Here they are classified according to the role mainly played in the cinema environment, during their careers. The sections into which they have been divided follow.

The most prestigious actors in the Italian genre cinema.

Little-known actors
These are actors who have not achieved great fame in the mainstream and who usually played supporting roles (also uncredited) in many movies of their careers. Here we celebrate these actors, often forgotten, but that a lot have given to the Italian cinema.

Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (C.S.C.)
This section is dedicated to the actors graduated at the "Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia" in Rome (C.S.C.) in 60s & 70s, the oldest Italian school foundation of teaching, research and experimentation in the field of cinematography.
Many of those actors, due to a law that allowed them to obtain state monetary benefits for productions, were included in the casts for the sole purpose of obtaining this money for production, so often they were reduced to the ground role of an extra, while sometimes appear credited in the films but in reality they did not participate at all. Here we give a little justice to their interpretations and their dream of becoming great actors.

Stuntmen & Master of arms
A section dedicated to the great Italian tradition of acrobats and stunt performers.

Generici cinematografici
What is a "generico"? It is an Italian traslation of the job of the "cinema extra". The "generico" is a background actor, a player who appears on the scene as a complementary numerical element of the scene without interpreting a certain character or a precise role, inserted in the scenic context in order to allow close shots and close-ups, even if he does not normally pronounce lines. Often the generico is "elected" to "figurazione speciale" (special figuration), when he have to pronounce even just one line, as example even a greeting. They are almost never credited in the movies in which they participate. We have divided the generici into two big forums, of which the B&W one includes generici mostly active in decades 40 and 50.

Movies Database
A full cast list of famous italian cult movies and the unknown actors that appears in it.

How to read the filmographies
Various terms are used in filmographies to specifically indicate in which role the actor appears in the film and whether or not his name is mentioned in the titles.
  • credited: the actor is mentioned in the film's titles.
  • uncredited: the actor isn't mentioned in the film's titles.
  • poster credit: his name appears on the posters of the film but we haven't images of the opening (or closing) credits to confirm his accreditation (sometimes the posters were made before the production of the film so the cast may have been later upset).
  • credit only: his name appears in the titles, but there is no trace of the actor in the film. This often happened in Italian films of the past with the actors C.S.C.: it was a ploy by the production companies to receive state funds.
  • credit as "other name": it happens that many actors use pseudonyms or that the opening titles are simply misspelled. We also report these details.
  • credited as Master of arms: when an actor also plays another role in the making of the film and is mentioned in the titles, we include that role as well.
  • credited?: we have no information regarding his credit in the movie.
  • role?: we have pictures of the actor but we don't know exactly what is his role in the film.
  • no pic: we have had the report for his participation in the film from some users, but we have no images to prove it.
  • uncertain identification: from the images in our possession it is not possible to establish with certainty whether the actor is the one we are looking for.
  • credited but unidentifiable: we did not find the role that the actor plays in the film but we cannot exclude that they do not appear there (it happens for example with scenes in which there are hundreds of extras seen from afar).

Some rules that we ask you to respect.

IMDb, Wikipedia and other sources
The Internet Movie Database is a great tool for work - also Wikipedia sometimes, unfortunately they're not so reliable to take everything that writes for gold. So, we do not include the titles from IMDb and Wikipedia in our filmographies without having first the images of these roles. In summary: we accept only roles verified by us and we won't add titles in the filmographies without an image because we must verify your attribution. Due to previous disputes, we do not use the discoveries made by others, not even mentioning the sources. Our user are obviously always free to write their identifications on any platform instead.

Adult pictures
The hot pics can be upload as you like but with the "censorship star" on the genital organs. This is not because of bigotry, but because this forum, under Italian law, is not meant to contain images of this type.

Pictures taked from the net
You don't have to "steal" snapshots from other sources. All uploaded snapshots must have been made by the individual user, otherwise they will be deleted.

Now please read how to post and how to upload images.

Le immagini esposte sono utilizzate solo ad uso di critica e discussione. I detentori dei diritti, qualora lo ritenessero opportuno, possono chiederne l'immediata rimozione inviando un messaggio con questo modulo.
Si rammenta che nel dicembre 2011 è stata approvata una modifica alla Legge italiana sul diritto d’autore (633/1941), che prevede l’introduzione del comma 1 bis all’articolo 70.
La nuova norma recita:
1. Il riassunto, la citazione o la riproduzione di brani o di parti di opera e la loro comunicazione al pubblico sono liberi se effettuati per uso di critica o di discussione, nei limiti giustificati da tali fini e purchè non costituiscano concorrenza all'utilizzazione economica dell'opera; se effettuati a fini di insegnamento o di ricerca scientifica l'utilizzo deve inoltre avvenire per finalità illustrative e per fini non commerciali.
(1-bis. E' consentita la libera pubblicazione attraverso la rete internet, a titolo gratuito, di immagini e musiche a bassa risoluzione o degradate, per uso didattico o scientifico e solo nel caso in cui tale utilizzo non sia a scopo di lucro. Con decreto del Ministro per i beni e le attivita' culturali, sentiti il Ministro della pubblica istruzione e il Ministro dell'università e della ricerca, previo parere delle Commissioni parlamentari competenti, sono definiti i limiti all'uso didattico o scientifico di cui al presente comma).
3. Il riassunto, la citazione o la riproduzione debbono essere sempre accompagnati dalla menzione del titolo dell'opera, dei nomi dell'autore, dell'editore e, se si tratti di traduzione, del traduttore, qualora tali indicazioni figurino sull'opera riprodotta.
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