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actresses who graduated from C.S.C.
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Re: Luisa Mattioli

Post by Johan Melle » 29/12/2020, 1:49

Ragazzi di Trastevere (1956) (Short film) credited, as Dora. This appears to have been Luisa's debut and she has one of the main roles in this 19 minute short movie which was the graduation film of Luisa's fellow C.S.C. student, director Umberto Lenzi.
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Re: Luisa Mattioli

Post by van den bremt rudy » 04/04/2021, 12:06

Il caso Maurizius (TV miniseries, 1961) - ep.: 3 & 4, credited, as Melitta in cast list of Radiocorriere TV magazine.
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