Fake Aldo Baglio

(A young 1970s actor mistaken for the italian comedian Aldo Baglio)

Quick identifications
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Fake Aldo Baglio

Post by Emiliano » 25/04/2022, 7:30

Bill Carson wrote:
24/04/2022, 15:43
Thanks to you, great job.
I moved the last post. You are now enabled to post in topics. Follow the guidelines in text formatting (just copy the other posts, nothing fancy). See you soon.

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Fake Aldo Baglio

Post by Bill Carson » 01/08/2022, 14:42

Hello guys, I'm still trying to identify this guy, I have checked all the credited actors without roles on the imdb page of the films where Fake Aldo appears, but none of them seem to be him, if any of you can remember any films in which you have seen this young actor, don't hesitate to post here, the great roles he has played make me think that somewhere he was maybe credited in other titles, thanks!
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