Identifying "Granny Big Ears"

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Identifying "Granny Big Ears"

Post by Johan Melle » 28/07/2022, 21:04

Ciavazzaro wrote:
28/07/2022, 16:11
Thank you a lot !

To begin working

Maria Grazia Piani is credited also in Cartesius (1974) and Morbosità (1974) and as continuity in Lo ammazzò come un cane ... ma lui rideva ancora (1971)

Anyone have these movies ?

Could you also post the pics of the unidentified actress in the movie Johan so the search can be easier ?

According to some sources Liuba Gheorghieva Petrova is also written as Lijuba and should appear in the first episode

Nadia Pettenuzzo and Elisabetta Necci for the moment did not have other roles.
Mauro, I have deleted your original message from the "Granny Big Ears" topic and created this new discussion in order to avoid filling her topic with a long discussions and speculations. I hope you don't mind.

Anyway, if is correct that Liuba Gheorghieva Petrova appears in the first segment, then she cannot be our Granny because she only appears in the second one. I'm not sure we can really trust this, though, because there is nothing in the credits to indicate which actors appear in which segment.

As for the other unidentified actresses in Verginità, there aren't really a lot of them. Aside from our Granny there are only two other speaking parts that I believe must be credited:

The first is the older woman playing the grandmother of Franca Gonella
Verginita - Grandmother.jpg

And there's also this bitchy relative (if she had a name then I didn't catch it)
Verginita - Relative.jpg

I've tried to compare with Morbosità, made the same year and in which Maria Grazia Piani is also credited. Our Granny does not appear in this film so we can rule the possibilty of her being Maria Grazia Piani. As for who Maria Grazia is, I'm not entirely sure. Excluding a few non-speaking generiche, there are only three women in this film that I cannot identify in Morbosità:

Jenny Tamburi's blonde friend. She doesn't resemble anyone from Verginità and I think she should actually be Luciana Scalise, but I'm not familiar with her at all (does have other credits, though, so should be easy to verify).
Morbosita - Friend1.jpg
Morbosita - Friend2.jpg

Then there's this secretary. I'm thinking she could maybe be Maria Grazia Piani, as there's a certain resemblance to the bitchy relative in Verginità but I'm not at all sure...
Morbosita - Secretary1.jpg
Morbosita - Secretary2.jpg

Finally there's this party guest. Quite a small role, so wouldn't be surprised if she was uncredited. I don't think she looks like anyone from Verginità
Morbosita - Party Guest1.jpg
Morbosita - Party Guest2.jpg

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Identifying "Granny Big Ears"

Post by FatmanDan » 28/07/2022, 22:44

They are all missing the "splitted chin" of the ´Verginità` actress.

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