L'odore della notte (1998)

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L'odore della notte (1998)

Post by Bill Carson » 30/08/2022, 16:57

Johan Melle wrote:
30/08/2022, 16:35
Bill Carson wrote:
30/08/2022, 16:30
Johan Melle wrote:
30/08/2022, 16:20
I see this is listed as a work in progress. Does this mean you have more pictures of unidentified actors to post? If so, I would urge you to complete this topic for starting up any others.

Anyway, Renzo Granelli is incorrectly identified. He is not the surgeon. He's the policeman in this pic
Odore Della Notte Granelli.jpg
I was looking for a better version of the movie because the remainder unidentified actors are unidentifiable in the one i found.
As for Granelli, how did you identify him? I had found on the internet a surgeon named Renzo Granelli some time ago, who could correspond to the actor, among other things inexperienced since he looks into the camera and is dubbed.
Because he was a very prolific fotoromanzo actor since way back in the 1960s. For an example, see this post in Franco Ricci's topic: viewtopic.php?f=58&t=114#p293
Renzo is one of the generici I'm preparing a topic for, but I'm not very fast and currently have limited time to spend on this hobby.
I'm curious about this guy, he only had this credit on imdb, I got mistaken for that too.

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Johan Melle
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L'odore della notte (1998)

Post by Johan Melle » 30/08/2022, 17:57

Bill Carson wrote:
30/08/2022, 16:57
I'm curious about this guy, he only had this credit on imdb, I got mistaken for that too.
Yes, it's his only credited film role, or at least the only one that I am aware of. I don't really know anything about him, though, except that he was a generico and fotoromanzo actor for many years (most supporting roles but also a few leading roles here and there).

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