La ragazza fuoristrada

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La ragazza fuoristrada

Post by vecchiaguardia » 04/04/2020, 17:48

I'm trying to identify some uknown actors in this movie:
- Augusto Gallina
- Sandro Grinfan
- Rodolfo Mariotti
- Vittorio Mistri
- Cinzia Gennari
- Anna Maria Mutti
- Cristine Weeks

4 men and 3 women: here are the preminent actors/actresses in the movie I was not able to identify:
ingegner girardi.jpg
Ingegner Girardi
pinin marchisio.jpg
Pinin Marchisio
marisa girardi.jpg
Marisa Girardi

These 3 should be credited. Sandro (or Alessandro) Grinfan was also credited in Anonimo veneziano and Chi l'ha vista morire?, but I can't find any resembleance with these actors.

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