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Re: The Whitebeard project

Post by PeplumParadise » 29/03/2021, 19:01


Trying to get on top of the whitebeards I've been collecting while simultaneously eliminating those for whom we already have topics is getting rather complicated!

The ones we have here are those that appeared in Italian films from the 30's to 50's, so if matched up they would go amongst our black & white generici unless later roles were discovered. I don't see any obvious match ups apart from the 2 I have separated below the main batch.

Whitebeard M
He was originally matched up with 2 images, but I'm pretty sure we now have him in 5 roles (254 is maybe too unclear to be certain, but possibly also image 260 above could be him when he was slightly younger). If I can manage to find a film where I can get a clear enough image to use for his profile shot then he's probably good to go for a topic.

Whitebeard N
Only 2 images so far, but they are obviously the same man and in his case they are both clear and sharp, so if another couple of roles can be found I think he will make an impressive B&W whitebeard generico.

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