Phenomena (1985) - Full cast

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Phenomena (1985) - Full cast

Post by Emiliano » 02/09/2018, 21:48

a.k.a. Creepers
Directed by: Dario Argento
Year: 1985
Link to IMDb
Actresses unidentified, credited (as college girls):
Franca Berdini, Marta Biuso, Marisa Simonetti
Actresses unidentified, uncredited (as college girls) mentioned in IMDb:
Sophie Bourchier, Paola Gropper, Ninke Hielkema, Mitzy Orsini
Unidentified actors topic (report errors here too)
Phenomena (1985) HD Jennifer Connelly.jpg
Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Corvino
Phenomena (1985) HD Daria Nicolodi.jpg
Daria Nicolodi
Frau Brückner
Phenomena (1985) HD Fiore Argento.jpg
Fiore Argento
Vera Brandt
Phenomena (1985) HD Federica Mastroianni.jpg
Federica Mastroianni
Phenomena (1985) Fiorenza Tessari.jpg
Fiorenza Tessari
Gisela Sulzer
Phenomena (1985) Dalila Di Lazzaro.jpg
Dalila Di Lazzaro
Phenomena (1985) Patrick Bauchau.jpg
Patrick Bauchau
Inspector Rudolf Geiger
Phenomena (1985) Donald Pleasence.jpg
Donald Pleasence
Professor John McGregor
Phenomena (1985) Alberto Cracco.jpg
Alberto Cracco
UBS Bank Teller
Phenomena (1985) Kaspar Capparoni.jpg
Kaspar Capparoni
Sophie's Boyfriend (as Gaspare Capparoni)
Phenomena (1985) Mario Donatone.jpg
Mario Donatone
Adv. Morris Shapiro
Phenomena (1985) Antonio Maimone.jpg
Antonio Maimone
Doctor at EEG
Phenomena (1985) Davide Marotta.jpg
Davide Marotta
Frau Brückner son
Phenomena (1985) Fulvio Mingozzi.jpg
Fulvio Mingozzi
Mr. Sulzer
Phenomena (1985) Francesca Ottaviani.jpg
Francesca Ottaviani
Phenomena (1985) Michele Soavi.jpg
Michele Soavi
Geiger's assistant
Phenomena (1985) Franco Trevisi.jpg
Franco Trevisi
Real estate agent
Phenomena (1985) Fausta Avelli.jpg
Fausta Avelli
College girl
Phenomena (1985) Geraldine Thomas.jpg
Geraldine Thomas
College girl
Phenomena (1985) John Armstead.jpg
John Armstead
Paramedic at the judicial psychiatric hospital (uncredited)
Phenomena (1985) Pietro Ceccarelli 2.jpg
Pietro Ceccarelli
The mad rapist (uncredited)
Phenomena (1985) Leslie D'Olive.jpg
Leslie D'Olive
College girl (uncredited)
Phenomena (1985) Tanga.jpg