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Post by Emiliano » 11/10/2020, 13:17

Her best and important role in Dino Risi's Telefoni bianchi (1976) as Marcella Valmarin
She plays a maid a bit silly that manages to become an actress by moving from one bed to another at the time of fascism. On her way she will meet many dazed characters and will lose the only love of her life. A bittersweet comedy, in full harmony with the actress's ironic skills.
Telefoni bianchi (1976) 1.jpg
Telefoni bianchi (1976) 2.jpg
Telefoni bianchi (1976) 3.jpg
Telefoni bianchi (1976) 4.jpg
Telefoni bianchi (1976) 5.jpg
Telefoni bianchi (1976) 6.jpg
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