Veriano Ginesi

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van den bremt rudy
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Re: Veriano Ginesi

Post by van den bremt rudy » 12/06/2019, 12:58

La ragazza di via veneto (1955) as spectator at boxing match
uncredited little role.
first movie found for 1955 for veriano.
another movie in his big film list

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Johan Melle
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Re: Veriano Ginesi

Post by Johan Melle » 01/07/2019, 22:23

La cento chilometri (1959) as One of the men who take away Cesare and Angela's bed
Cento Chilometri - Veriano Ginesi1.jpg
Cento Chilometri - Veriano Ginesi2.jpg
Cento Chilometri - Veriano Ginesi3.jpg

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Re: Veriano Ginesi

Post by PeplumParadise » 16/09/2019, 19:00

Una pelliccia di visone (1956) as Man leaving bus. He gets off the bus carrying a large box, then walks past seconds later carrying a much smaller box - so much for continuity!

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