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Re: Tom Felleghy

Posted: 03/10/2018, 16:12
by Johan Melle
And now a fotoromanzo role for Felleghy in Superstar N. 2: "Il veliero e il chiaro di luna" (February 1978). He is uncredited but it's a fairly nice role as Mark Bodin's majordomo and he appears in three scenes (in the last one together with our friend Raniero Dorascenzi)
Superstar 2 - Tom Felleghy1.jpg
Superstar 2 - Tom Felleghy2.jpg
Superstar 2 - Tom Felleghy3.jpg

Re: Tom Felleghy

Posted: 03/10/2018, 16:35
by Emiliano
Upperseven, l'uomo da uccidere (1966) .... Gibbons/Sir Richard M.
Upperseven - Tom Felleghy.jpg

L'arcangelo (1969) .... Mr. Fabris
L'Arcangelo - Tom Felleghy.jpg

La schiava io ce l'ho e tu no (1973) .... Hotel servant
La Schiava - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Bordella (1976) .... Man who must take the elevator (uncredited)
Bordella - Tom Felleghy1.jpg
Bordella - Tom Felleghy2.jpg

Stato interessante (1977) .... Doctor
Stato Interessante - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Come perdere una moglie... e trovare un'amante (1978) .... Alberto's assistant
Come Perdere - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Re: Tom Felleghy

Posted: 03/10/2018, 16:45
by carlos
Black Jack (1968) .... Mark, the newspaper publisher (uncredited in my versions but i don't have the Italian credits)
Black Jack - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Partirono preti, tornarono... curati (1973) .... Mexican officer
Partirono Preti - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Re: Tom Felleghy

Posted: 03/10/2018, 17:41
by Ciavazzaro
Tom in the Brian De Palma film Obsession (1976) as Italian businessman
Obsession - Tom Felleghy.jpg

With Lilli Carati in Poliziotto sprint (1977) as Customer in the car showroom
Poliziotto Sprint - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Nero veneziano (1978) as Martin Winters
Nero Veneziano - Tom Felleghy.jpg

La banda del gobbo (1978) as Investigating judge (uncredited)
Banda Del Gobbo - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Tom's big role in the sceneggiato Il caso graziosi (1981) as the medical examiner
Caso Graziosi - Tom Felleghy1.jpg
Caso Graziosi - Tom Felleghy2.jpg
Caso Graziosi - Tom Felleghy3.jpg

Re: Tom Felleghy

Posted: 03/10/2018, 17:48
by vecchiaguardia
Policarpo, ufficiale di scrittura (1959) as Employee (uncredited)
Policarpo - Tom Felleghy1.jpg
Policarpo - Tom Felleghy2.jpg

In the opening scene of Von Ryan's Express (1965) as German official (uncredited)
Von Ryan's Express - Felleghy.jpg

Il falco e la colomba (1981) as Doctor
Falco Colomba - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Re: Tom Felleghy

Posted: 03/10/2018, 21:24
by Johan Melle
Il sasso in bocca (1970) .... Moses Poliakof (uncredited) - originally posted by Ghibarian
Sasso In Bocca - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Dio, sei proprio un padreterno! (1973) .... Police commander (uncredited) - originally posted by vecchiaguardia
Dio Sei Proprio - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Pane e cioccolata (1974) .... Restaurant diner (uncredited) - originally posted by Ciavazzaro
Pane Cioccolata - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Liberi, armati, pericolosi (1976) .... Mario's father - originally posted by mortimer
Liberi Armati - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Roma dalla finestra (1982) .... Hotel porter - originally posted by dusso
Roma Dalla Finestra - Tom Felleghy.jpg

La sconosciuta (TV mini series) (1982) .... Doorkeeper (credited as Thomas Felleghi) - originally posted by dusso
La Sconosciuta - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Re: Tom Felleghy

Posted: 03/10/2018, 22:33
by Johan Melle
And now some known roles for which pictures were never posted in the old forum:

4 mosche di velluto grigio (1971) .... Police commissioner Pini
4 Mosche - Tom Felleghy.jpg

La notte dei diavoli (1972) .... Police inspector (uncredited)
Notte Dei Diavoli - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Corruzione al palazzo di giustizia (1975) .... Goja's assistant (uncredited)
Corruzione Al Palazzo - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Roma drogata: la polizia non può intervenire (1975) .... Doctor (credited as Tom Felleghi)
Roma Drogata - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Roma violenta (1975) .... Doctor (uncredited)
Roma Violenta - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Getting a sexy massage from Laura Gemser in La via della prostituzione (1978) .... Senator
Via Della Prostituzione - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Re: Tom Felleghy

Posted: 03/10/2018, 22:37
by Ciavazzaro
Oh my the sexy role !

Re: Tom Felleghy

Posted: 03/10/2018, 22:41
by Johan Melle
Haha! Yes, I was a little surprised the first time I saw this scene! :D

Occhi dalle stelle (1978) .... Commander Smith
Occhio Dalle Stelle - Felleghy.jpg

L'ereditĂ  della Priora (1980) (TV mini series) .... Hungarian petty officer
L'Eredita Della Priora - Felleghy1.jpg
L'Eredita Della Priora - Felleghy2.jpg

Don Luigi Sturzo (1981) (TV mini series) .... A member of the committee
Don Luigi Sturzo - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Occhio alla penna (1981) .... Doctor on the train (uncredited)
Occhio Alla Penna - Tom Felleghy.jpg

Re: Tom Felleghy

Posted: 03/10/2018, 22:54
by Johan Melle
And now a role we didn't have in the filmography and which isn't even listed on the IMDb: Tom Felleghy in the telenovela Edera (1992)! He has a very small but credited role as a doctor in episode 19
Edera - Tom Felleghy1.jpg
Edera - Tom Felleghy2.jpg
Edera - Tom Felleghy3.jpg
Most likely his final acting role...