Scipione detto anche l'africano (1971)

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Scipione detto anche l'africano (1971)

Post by PeplumParadise » 09/02/2024, 1:14

Ciavazzaro wrote:
08/02/2024, 23:49
In pic 18 we have Ugo Ballester on the right with a wig.

The older man in pic 50 is very important for me, he infact is Giuseppe Righi a very famous fotoromanzo actor, one of the busiest in the 1960's-early 1970's, but i have problems founding him in movies, this is actually his 2nd movie role i found for him, so we only need a third one and he will have his topic too !

I think the older man in 85 is the Elegant old party guest
viewtopic.php?f=114&t=382&p=73415&hilit ... est#p73415

In pic 91 even if out of focus im quite sure we have Osvaldo Peccioli.
Thanks, all added

It's frustrating that there are a lot of shots where the senators in the background are too out-of-focus to identify, I'm sure Ugo Mari is there, but all you see is a blur so impossible to be sure and I think the guy in pink at the back in 142 could be "Captain Haddock" but he's not clear enough to say for sure

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Scipione detto anche l'africano (1971)

Post by Ciavazzaro » 09/02/2024, 1:18

I know very frustrating.

Also the young actresses have familiar face, my big problem is i have problem identify younger actors :astonished: maybe i only watch their beauty haha, but hopefully we can found some of them in my fotoromanzi, i still have plenty of younger actress pics to post, and im sure some of them must have done also movies and not only fotoromanzi.

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van den bremt rudy
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Scipione detto anche l'africano (1971)

Post by van den bremt rudy » 09/02/2024, 23:36

Hi Mauro, for Giuseppe Righi, i have found one movie title on the net on Cinema Italiano
I noticed that you have found 2 titles for him and was looking for a third one, hopefully with this one you can make a possible topic.
No other movie titles found on the net for him.

1972 Prima e dopo l'amore...un grido d'allarme (role ?)

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