Felleghy, Tom

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Johan Melle
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Felleghy, Tom

Post by Johan Melle » 29/07/2022, 1:26

Mi faccia causa (1985) as The father of Valfredo Orselli, a young man on trial for obscene behavior during a football match.
Mi Faccia Causa - Tom Felleghy1.jpg
Mi Faccia Causa - Tom Felleghy2.jpg
Mi Faccia Causa - Tom Felleghy3.jpg
Mi Faccia Causa - Tom Felleghy4.jpg

There also exists a longer two-part version for television that extends Tom's role slightly and shows him giving testimony for the court. He appears in Episode 1 of the TV version.
Mi Faccia Causa - Tom Felleghy5.jpg
Mi Faccia Causa - Tom Felleghy6.jpg
Originally identified by Ciavazzaro

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Felleghy, Tom

Post by FatmanDan » 03/08/2022, 0:50

Pummarò (1990), credited, as German border inspector. Tom speaks German here (although you hear it's not his native language). The movie was in his list, but we had not any pics of this.
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Cinema Italiano
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Felleghy, Tom

Post by Cinema Italiano » 15/08/2022, 15:29

Prigione di donne (1974) as Martine Fresienne's father (uncredited)
1974 _ Prigione Di Donne _ Padre Di Martine Fresienne _ Non Accreditato _ 01.jpg
1974 _ Prigione Di Donne _ Padre Di Martine Fresienne _ Non Accreditato _ 02.jpg
Originally posted by Johan Melle in a multi-film post: upgraded pics

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