Dante Trazzi

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Re: Dante Trazzi

Post by vecchiaguardia » 15/09/2018, 14:48

Well, it wasn't difficult. I live in Milan myself, so I went to the Musocco central cemetery and asked for his name.

Just like I did some years ago for Vittorio Pinelli and Annibale Papetti.

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Re: Dante Trazzi

Post by mortimer » 17/10/2018, 17:31

A credited role in TV miniseries L'Andreana (1982) as Cannery worker
l'andreana (1982).jpg
l'andreana - credits.jpg

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Johan Melle
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Re: Dante Trazzi

Post by Johan Melle » 16/03/2019, 23:28

Le cinque giornate (1973) as Revolutionary
Cinque Giornate - Dante Trazzi1.jpg
Cinque Giornate - Dante Trazzi2.jpg

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