Il boss (1973)

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Il Boss (1973)

Post by Buono Legnani » 02/09/2022, 0:39

Johan Melle wrote:
01/09/2022, 23:41
Buono Legnani wrote:
01/09/2022, 22:14
Johan Melle wrote:
13/08/2022, 14:25

Majani as the hotel receptionist in Il vichingo venuto dal sud (1971)
Vichingo Venuto - Ennio Majani1.jpg
Vichingo Venuto - Ennio Majani2.jpg

In my opinion this actor is not Majani.
Majani in UN'OMBRA SU MAIGRET, 1964 (credited):
majani maigret unombrasuok2.jpg
Is this supposed to be a joke!? That picture is completely distorted and heavily photoshopped picture, and it is not in any way whatsoever an accurate representation of what Ennio Majani looks like!
Excuse me, Johan.
Ennio Majani (or Maiani) as Il Polacco (Polish man) in Un'ombra su Maigret:

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Il Boss (1973)

Post by Bill Carson » 02/09/2022, 1:07

I don't know

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