Macchie solari (1975)

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Macchie solari (1975)

Post by Emiliano » 08/04/2019, 22:27

Macchie solari (1975) 800.jpg

Armando Crispino

A series of scary suicides pounced on Rome as a result of a sudden activity of "sun spots", a phenomenon that seems to be able to alter the psychic balance of people, already subjected to severe stress by the anomalous wave of summer heat. Meanwhile, Simona, a medical student intent on writing a thesis on the difference between real and simulated suicides, runs into the corpse of a girl she had met the previous evening.

Macchie solari (1975) - Mimsy Farmer.jpg
Mimsy Farmer
Simona Sanna

Macchie solari (1975) - Barry Primus.jpg
Barry Primus
Father Paul Lenox

Macchie solari (1975) - Ray Lovelock.jpg
Ray Lovelock

Macchie solari (1975) - Carlo Cataneo.jpg
Carlo Cataneo (as Carlo Cattaneo)
Lello Sanna

Macchie solari (1975) - Angela Goodwin.jpg
Angela Goodwin

Macchie solari (1975) - Gaby Wagner.jpg
Gaby Wagner
Betty Lenox

Macchie solari (1975) - Massimo Serato.jpg
Massimo Serato
Gianni Sanna

Macchie solari (1975) - Ernesto Colli.jpg
Ernesto Colli

Macchie solari (1975) - Leonardo Severini.jpg
Leonardo Severini

Macchie solari (1975) - Eleonora Morana.jpg
Eleonora Morana

Macchie solari (1975) - Antonio Casale.jpg
Antonio Casale
Inspector Silvestri

Macchie solari (1975) - Giovanni Di Benedetto.jpg
Giovanni Di Benedetto
Professor Mari

Macchie solari (1975) - Maria Pia Attanasio.jpg
Maria Pia Attanasio
Aunt Elvira

Macchie solari (1975) - Sergio Sinceri.jpg
Sergio Sinceri
Doctor at hospital

Macchie solari (1975) - Pier Giovanni Anchisi.jpg
Pier Giovanni Anchisi (as Piero Anchisi)
Archivist at Criminal Museum

Macchie solari (1975) - Pupino Samonà.jpg
Pupino Samonà
Doctor at the hospital

Macchie solari (1975) - Carla Mancini.jpg
Carla Mancini (uncredited)
Nurse at the hospital

Macchie solari (1975) - Alessandra Vazzoler.jpg
Alessandra Vazzoler (uncredited)
Stabbed corpse

Macchie solari (1975) - Luciano Zanussi.jpg
Luciano Zanussi (uncredited)
Doctor at the autopsy

Macchie solari (1975) - Giulio Massimini.jpg
Giulio Massimini (uncredited)
Waiter in the restaurant

Macchie solari (1975) - Enrico Palombini.jpg
Enrico Palombini (uncredited)

Macchie solari (1975) - Aristide Caporale.jpg
Aristide Caporale (uncredited)
Drunk on the street

Macchie solari (1975) - Maria Tedeschi.jpg
Maria Tedeschi (uncredited)
Drunk on the street's partner

Macchie solari (1975) - Barbara Lay.jpg
Barbara Lay (uncredited)
Suicidal woman in the bathroom

Macchie solari (1975) Maria Grazia Smaldone.jpeg
Maria Grazia Smaldone (uncredited)
Nanà, a prostitute in the brothel's slides

Macchie solari (1975) - Luciano Foti.jpg
Luciano Foti
Painter in the brothel's pictures (uncredited)

Macchie solari (1975) - Giuseppe Marrocco.jpg
Giuseppe Marrocu (uncredited)
Man in the brothel's pictures

Macchie solari (1975) - Luigi Scavran.jpg
Luigi Scavran (uncredited)
Old man in the brothel's pictures

Macchie solari (1975) - Thomas Rudy.jpg
Thomas Rudy (uncredited)
Man in pinstripe suit in the brothel's pictures

Macchie solari (1975) - Massimo Ciprari.jpg
Massimo Ciprari (uncredited)
Spectator at the car races #1

Macchie solari (1975) - Fernando Arcangeli.jpg
Fernando Arcangeli (uncredited)
Spectator at the car races #2

Macchie solari (1975) - Antonio Anelli.JPG
Antonio Anelli (uncredited)
Man on the hotel couch

Macchie solari (1975) - Eros Buttaglieri.jpg
Eros Buttaglieri (uncredited)
Man at the hotel table

Macchie solari (1975) - Bruno Alias.JPG
Bruno Alias (uncredited)
Restaurant customer

Macchie solari (1975) - Sandra Wolff.JPG
Sandra Wolff (uncredited)
American tourist #1

Macchie Solari (1975) - Margherita Horowitz.jpg
Margherita Horowitz (uncredited)
American tourist #2

Macchie solari (1976) - Quinto Marziali.jpg
Quinto Marziali (uncredited)
Priest who helps Father Paul after his epileptic attack

Macchie solari (1975) - Count Dracula.jpg
"Count Dracula" (uncredited)

Macchie solari (1975) - Fat greying man with eyeglasses.jpg
"Fat greying man with eyeglasses" (uncredited)
Father superior

Credits for the identifications
Quinto Marziali, Pier Giovanni Anchisi, Enrico Palombini, Barbara Lay, Margherita Horowitz, Sandra Wolff, Luciano Foti, Massimo Ciprari, were identified by Johan Melle.
Maria Tedeschi, Aristide Caporale, Count Dracula, Fernando Arcangeli, Eros Buttaglieri, were identified by Ciavazzaro.
Alessandra Vazzoler, Giuseppe Marocco, Bruno Alias, Pupino Samonà, Thomas Rudy, Maria Grazia Smaldone were identified by Emiliano.
Luigi Scavran was identified by Rudy Van Den Bremt.

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Macchie solari (1975)

Post by Emiliano » 08/04/2019, 23:40

Unidentified actors

Doctor at morgue
Macchie solari (1975) - 018.JPG

The drowned suicide
Macchie solari (1975) - 044.jpg
Macchie solari (1975) - 084.jpg
Macchie solari (1975) - 086.jpg

Curia orderly
Macchie solari (1975) - 029.JPG
Macchie solari (1975) - 030.JPG
Macchie solari (1975) - 047.jpg

Suicide that kills his children
Macchie solari (1975) - 072.jpg
Macchie solari (1975) - 087.jpg

Taxi driver
Macchie solari (1975) - 080.jpg

Black corpse
Macchie solari (1975) - 045.jpg

Corpse of a blonde woman having sex
Macchie solari (1975) - 053.jpg
Macchie solari (1975) - 085.jpg

Boys at the beach
Macchie solari (1975) - 020.JPG

Women and clients of the brothel
Macchie solari (1975) - 106.jpg
Macchie solari (1975) - 107.jpg
Macchie solari (1975) - 109.jpg
Macchie solari (1975) - 114.jpg
Macchie solari (1975) - 115.jpg
Macchie solari (1975) - 116.jpg

Man in the frame
Macchie solari (1975) - 043.jpg

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Re: Macchie solari (1975) - Unidentified gallery

Post by Johan Melle » 13/04/2019, 18:57

The old guy in the erotic slides looks like Luigi Scavran, I think. What do the rest of you think?

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Re: Macchie solari (1975) - Unidentified gallery

Post by van den bremt rudy » 13/04/2019, 20:18

Hello, yes there is a possibility that it is him, because regarding his length, his face and his slim figure.
so it could be scavran.
waiting for other expert opinions ?

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Re: Macchie solari (1975) - Unidentified gallery

Post by Emiliano » 13/04/2019, 20:28

I'd say that's absolutely him :superok: I looked at him several times, but I could never understand who he was. :D

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