Carlo Cattaneo

former Lella's husband

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Re: Carlo Cattaneo

Post by Emiliano » 13/04/2019, 21:07

Scuola di ladri (1986) as Spectator coming out of the Eliseo theater
Scuola di ladri (1986).jpg

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Johan Melle

Dr. Lloyd
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Re: Carlo Cattaneo

Post by Johan Melle » 15/04/2019, 0:17

Small but interesting role for Carlo in Oci ciornie (1987) as a family member of Romano (Marcello Mastroianni). We first see him when everyone is posing for the family photo (he's in the background on the left)
Oci Ciornie - Carlo Cattaneo1.jpg

and later he can be seen in a few more scenes as well
Oci Ciornie - Carlo Cattaneo2.jpg
Oci Ciornie - Carlo Cattaneo3.jpg

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