Annabella Incontrera

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Annabella Incontrera

Post by Emiliano » 07/09/2018, 22:08

Annabella Incontrera in Perchè quelle strane gocce di sangue sul corpo di Jennifer? (1972)
Perchè quelle strane gocce di sangue (1972) - Annabella Incontrera (2).jpg

Annabella was born on 11 June 1943 in Saronno (Varese). She arrives on the screens after having attended the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (C.S.C.) of Rome, without having completed its studies.

In the cinema, she usually plays important roles, but rarely manages to emerge as a true protagonist, if not in minor productions such as Operazione Goldsnake (1966) by Ferdinando Baldi and A suon di lupara (1968) by Luigi Petrini. She appears in the western vein, in such titles as Un poker di pistole (1967) by Giuseppe Vari, Quella carogna di Frank Mitraglia (1968) by John Berry, and others.

In 1969 she married Guglielmo Biraghi, film critic of the newspaper "Il messaggero", from whom she has a son, but soon ends in separation. The same year she plays an homosexual woman in the film A doppia faccia, a thriller by Riccardo Freda. The notoriety that gets from that "scandalous" role, favors her in numerous participations in many films in which usually she interprets the prototype of the lesbian (Roma bene - 1971 by Carlo Lizzani, Sette scialli di seta gialla - 1972 by Sergio Pastore, Perché quelle strane gocce di sangue sul corpo di Jennifer? - 1972 by Giuliano Carmineo) or the part of the femme fatale (Amore formula 2 - 1970 by Mario Amendola). At the same time she also appears on some photonovels ("Sogno", "GrandHotel").

Her film career ended in 1982, after about thirty films, with the film Enigma by José Ramón Larraz. On television she has worked in various series, of which the most famous was L'Eneide (1971) by Franco Rossi.

In 1998, she revealed that she was Geoffrey Robinson's lover of Tony Blair's government for twenty-five years.

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Re: Annabella Incontrera

Post by vecchiaguardia » 11/09/2018, 9:56

L'inferno addosso (1959), her first movie.
annabella incontrera l'inferno addosso (1).jpg
annabella incontrera l'inferno addosso (2).jpg

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