Sergio Silveri

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Re: Sergio Silveri

Post by Ciavazzaro » 13/02/2019, 15:12

Wow an important role in a giallo, you know how to make me happy ! :thumbup:

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Johan Melle

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Re: Sergio Silveri

Post by Johan Melle » 14/02/2019, 14:28

Good to hear it, and now I have yet another role for Sergio! ;)

Sabato, domenica e venerdì (1979) as one of the intimidating friends of the automobilist that Lino Banfi gets into an altercation with
Sabato Domenica - Sergio Silveri1.jpg
Sabato Domenica - Sergio Silveri2.jpg

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Re: Sergio Silveri

Post by van den bremt rudy » 17/02/2019, 22:43

Doppio misto (1986) a Tv comedy this time with Sergio as father of the boy with the football in his hands.
he is named in the end-credits and has a short role.
See filmography to be verified !

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