Tenebre (1982)

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Tenebre (1982)

Post by Emiliano » 05/05/2019, 16:56


Arriving in Rome, to present his new novel, the American famous writer Peter Neal is at the center of a series of heinous crimes that are directly inspired by his last truculent best seller. Captain Germani asks for his help to put an end to that spiral of blood that, after involving women "with aberrant behavior" like thieves and lesbians, ends up huddling around the same writer, called by the murderer as the "great corruptor".


Tenebre (1982) Anthony Franciosa.jpg
Anthony Franciosa
Peter Neal

Tenebre (1982) Christian Borromeo.jpg
Christian Borromeo

Tenebre (1982) Mirella D'Angelo.jpg
Mirella D'Angelo

Tenebre (1982) Veronica Lario.jpg
Veronica Lario
Jane McKerrow

Tenebre (1982) Ania Pieroni.jpg
Ania Pieroni
Elsa Manni, the kleptomaniac

Tenebre (1982) Eva Robin's.jpg
Eva Robin’s
The Rhode Island girl

Tenebre (1982) Carola Stagnaro.jpg
Carola Stagnaro
Ispector Altieri

Tenebre (1982) John Steiner.jpg
John Steiner
Christiano Berti

Tenebre (1982) Lara Wendel.jpg
Lara Wendel
Maria Alboretto

Tenebre (1982) John Saxon.jpg
John Saxon

Tenebre (1982) Daria Nicolodi.jpg
Daria Nicolodi

Tenebre (1982) Giuliano Gemma.jpg
Giuliano Gemma
Detective Germani

Tenebre (1982) Mirella Banti.jpg
Mirella Banti

Tenebre (1982) Ennio Girolami.jpg
Ennio Girolami
Department store manager
(as Enio Girolami)

Tenebre (1982) Marino Masé.jpg
Marino Masé
Journalist on TV

Tenebre (1982) Fulvio Mingozzi.jpg
Fulvio Mingozzi
Alboretto, the porter

Tenebre (1982) Giampaolo Saccarola.jpg
Giampaolo Saccarola
Coroner (as Gianpaolo Saccarola)

Tenebre (1982) Ippolita Santarelli.jpg
Ippolita Santarelli

Tenebre (1982) Isabella Amedeo.jpg
Isabella Amadeo
Bullmer's secretary

Tenebre (1982) Francesca Viscardi.jpg
Francesca Viscardi
Department store cashier

Monica Maisani

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Re: Tenebre (1982)

Post by Emiliano » 05/05/2019, 17:14

Tenebre (1982) Eva Axén.jpg
Eva Axén
Woman damaging the contents of the suitcase

Tenebre (1982) Lamberto Bava.jpg
Lamberto Bava
Mustached elevator repairman

Tenebre (1982) Michele Soavi.jpg
Michele Soavi
Motorcycle guy / Rhode Island boy near pool

Tenebre (1982) Eros Buttaglieri.jpg
Eros Buttaglieri
Man watching from outside the shop window

Tenebre (1982) Mario Castaldi.jpg
Mario Castaldi
Airplane passenger #1

Tenebre (1982) Marcella Theodoli2.jpg
Marcella Theodoli
Airplane passenger #2

Tenebre (1982) Herbert Hofer.jpg
Herbert Hofer
Airplane passenger #3

Tenebre (1982) Luciano Zanussi.jpg
Luciano Zanussi
Man at the New York airport / Journalist at Rome airport #1

Tenebre (1982) Carlo Cattaneo 2.jpg
Carlo Cattaneo
Journalist at Rome airport #2

Tenebre (1982) Filippo Perego 2.jpg
Filippo Perego
Journalist at Rome airport #3

Tenebre (1982) Lanfranco Spinola 2.jpg
Lanfranco Spinola
Journalist at Rome airport #4

Tenebre (1982) Decio Gambini 2.jpg
Decio Gambini
Journalist at Rome airport #5

Tenebre (1982) Dolores Calò 2.jpg
Dolores Calò
Woman at Rome airport

Tenebre (1982) Ettore Martini 2.jpg
Ettore Martini
Bar customer at Rome airport #1

Tenebre (1982) Maurizio Piacenti 2.jpg
Maurizio Piacenti
Bar customer at Rome airport #2

Tenebre (1982) Franco Ricci 2.jpg
Franco Ricci
Man at Rome airport

Tenebre (1982) Andrea Scazzola 2.jpg
Andrea Scazzola
TV Technician

Tenebre (1982) Middle-aged greying 2.jpg
Unknown "Middle-aged Greying"
Man at TV studio

Tenebre (1982) Wrinkle-faced man.jpg
Unknown "Wrinkle-faced man"
Policeman at the district

Credits for the identifications
  • Johan Melle (for Luciano Zanussi, Mario Castaldi, Ettore Martini, Decio Gambini, Lanfranco Spinola, Filippo Perego, Carlo Cattaneo, Herbert Hofer, "Middle-aged greying")
  • Ciavazzaro (for Eros Buttaglieri, Andrea Scazzola, Franco Ricci, Maurizio Piacenti).
  • Emiliano (for Eva Axèn, Marcella Theodoli, Dolores Calò, "Wrinkle-faced man").

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