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Mimmo Poli

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Mimmo Poli in Romolo e Remo (1961)
Romolo E Remo - Mimmo Poli.jpg

Domenico “Mimmo” Poli was born on April 11th 1922 in Rome. He died on April 4th 1986 in Rome, aged 64, from a heart attack.[1]

One of the great comedic character actors of Italian cinema, Mimmo’s career stretched from the start of the 50’s until his death in the mid-80’s. In an alternate reality he really should have become a much bigger star, but, one must assume, due to a combination of bad luck and bad management, he never rose above bit parts and small supporting roles that were, much more often than not, uncredited, even when his roles were bigger and showier than many of the credited actors.

His early career was notable for it’s diversity - he would turn up in everything from serious dramas or historical swashbucklers and peplums to outrageous comedies, frequently appearing in the films of comics Totò and, later, Franco & Ciccio. His career took a bit of a downward turn in the late 60’s where he was most often to be found typecast playing bartenders in spaghetti westerns, there only for the purpose of giving good reaction shots to the fights going on around him. As the 70’s came along he found himself most often cast as priests or restaurant owners, with a few surprises along the way which even included a spot of hardcore pornography, and not forgetting his regular appearances in the films of Fellini. In addition to his film roles he also appeared regularly in fotoromanzi during the 60's.

Mimmo’s earliest known film roles date from 1951, but since he was already aged 29 and an established stage actor at this time I suspect there may be some earlier film titles to be discovered. I have found a number of previously undocumented appearances by Mimmo in peplum and historical productions, so I am sure there are still more roles of his to be discovered, particularly from around 1954-55 and 1973-75 when his filmography is uncharacteristically sparse. I wouldn’t be surprised if, when all is said and done, Mimmo’s filmography will come in at around some 300 titles.

[1] Tototruffa profile

  1. Anna (uncredited) .... Nurse
  2. Sette ore di guai (uncredited) .... Bernardo, construction worker
  3. Totò e i Re di Roma (uncredited) .... Man pushing past Toto coming up steps

  4. I morti non pagano le tasse (uncredited) .... Orhcestra member at the unveiling of the statue
  5. I tre corsari (uncredited) .... Pirate
  6. Il cappotto (uncredited) .... Councillor
  7. Il tallone di Achille (uncredited) .... Nurse at Villa Verde clinic
  8. Inganno (uncredited) .... Customer in the trattoria
  9. Jolanda la figlia del Corsaro Nero (uncredited) .... Pirate
  10. Lo sai che i papaveri... (uncredited) .... Sfilatino
  11. La muta di Portici (uncredited) .... Man waiting for food
  12. Noi due soli (uncredited) .... Man at the bus stop
  13. The Crimson Pirate (uncredited) .... Pirate
  14. Totò a colori (uncredited) .... Man cleaning outside Trattoria
  15. Totò e le donne (uncredited) .... Nurse

  16. Ai margini della metropoli (uncredited) .... Valdi
  17. Beat the devil (uncredited) .... Barman
  18. I sette dell'Orsa Maggiore (uncredited) .... Drunken sailor in tavern
  19. Le infedeli (uncredited) .... Scorzo, film producer
  20. Roman Holiday (uncredited) .... Man whose stall gets wrecked
  21. Stazione Termini / Indiscretion of an American Wife (uncredited) .... Passenger on platform

  22. Guerra e pace (uncredited) .... Officer at the orgy

  23. Il bigamo (uncredited) .... Prisoner
  24. Beatrice Cenci (uncredited) .... Servant in Cenci household
  25. Il tetto (uncredited) .... Taxi driver
  26. Kean: Genio e sregolatezza (uncredited) .... Customer in tavern
  27. Mi permette babbo! (uncredited) .... Man repossessing piano
  28. Montecarlo (uncredited) .... Barman
  29. Mio figlio Nerone (credited) .... Nero's courtier
  30. Totò lascia o raddoppia? (uncredited) .... Bookmaker
  31. Totò, Peppino e i fuorilegge (uncredited) .... Bandit's cook
  32. Una pelliccia di visone (uncredited) .... Panetti's chauffeur

  33. Amore e chiacchiere... (credited) .... Paseroni's butler
  34. Belle ma povere (uncredited) .... Waiter
  35. Il Cocco di Mamma (uncredited) .... Restaurant owner
  36. Il corsaro della Mezzaluna (credited) .... Lute-playing pirate
  37. La nonna Sabella (uncredited) .... Postman
  38. Le notti di Cabiria (uncredited) .... Man eating in nightclub
  39. Padri e figli... (uncredited) .... Man in the stadium
  40. Parola di ladro (uncredited) .... Man at the tavern
  41. Poveri ma belli (uncredited) .... Diner in Antica Roma restaurant
  42. Rascel-Fifi... (credited) .... Malone
  43. Uomini e lupi... (uncredited) .... Guest at New Year's party

  44. Adorabili e bugiarde (uncredited) .... Traffic policeman
  45. Afrodite, Dea dell'amore (uncredited) .... Merchant
  46. Anna di Brooklyn (uncredited) .... Football coach
  47. Ballerina e buon Dio (uncredited) .... Spectator at second acrobat show
  48. Don Vesuvio (uncredited) .... Grassone
  49. Fortunella (uncredited) .... Wrestler "Orso Bruno"
  50. I soliti ignoti (uncredited) .... Prisoner
  51. L'amore nasce a Roma (uncredited) .... Tancredi
  52. La legge è legge (uncredited) .... Chef
  53. La maja desnuda (uncredited) .... Man watching street fight
  54. La tempesta (uncredited) .... Cossack at banquet
  55. Ladro lui, ladra lei (uncredited) .... Remo
  56. Mia nonna poliziotto (uncredited) .... Member of the criminal gang
  57. Totò a Parigi (uncredited) .... Fat man on the train
  58. Venezia, la luna e tu (uncredited) .... Gigolo gondolier

  59. Arrangiatevi (uncredited) .... Chicken vendor
  60. I ragazzi del juke box (uncredited) .... Sleeping songwriter
  61. I Reali di Francia (uncredited) .... Angry peasant
  62. Il figlio del Corsaro Rosso (uncredited) .... Tavern keeper
  63. Il moralista (uncredited) .... Policeman on bicycle
  64. Il nemico di mia moglie (uncredited) .... Fence-shaking football supporter
  65. Il raccomandato di Ferro (uncredited) .... Lawyer on the telephone
  66. Il vedovo (uncredited) .... Man in nightclub
  67. Juke Box Urli d'amore (uncredited) .... Man dancing in club
  68. La cento chilometri (uncredited) .... One of the men who take away Cesare and Angela's bed
  69. Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare) (uncredited) .... Bar customer
  70. Poveri milionari (uncredited) .... Train passenger
  71. Psicanalista per signora (uncredited) .... Traffic policeman
  72. Quanto sei bella Roma (uncredited?) .... Manager of the Carillon nightclub
  73. Simpatico mascalzone (uncredited) .... Audience member in the theater
  74. Tipi da spiaggia (uncredited) .... Il bagnone
  75. Tutti innamorati (uncredited) .... Man entering lavatory
  76. Uomini e nobiluomini (uncredited) .... Snoring man in prison cell

  77. A qualcuna piace calvo (uncredited) .... Angry man in the window
  78. Caccia al marito (uncredited) .... Antonio, the lifeguard
  79. Ferragosto in bikini (credited) .... Beach bar manager
  80. Fra Manisco cerca guai... (credited) .... Monk
  81. Il mattatore (uncredited) .... Chef
  82. Il mio amico Jekyll (credited) .... Rufio, Dr. Jekyll's assistant
  83. It started in Naples (uncredited) .... Nightclub customer / Man in coffee bar
  84. Messalina, Venere imperatrice (uncredited) .... Drunken man at street celebrations
  85. Morgan il pirata (uncredited) .... Pirate
  86. La strada dei giganti (uncredited) .... Barman
  87. I Teddy boys della canzone (uncredited) .... Television viewer
  88. I baccanali di Tiberio (uncredited) .... Dancing slave
  89. Totò, Peppino e la dolce vita (uncredited) .... Thief
  90. Totò, Fabrizi e i giovani d'oggi (uncredited) .... Man watching TV in bakers shop
  91. Un dollaro di fifa (credited) .... Zaccaria, the mayor's right hand man

  92. 5 marines per 100 ragazze (uncredited) .... Fat sailor in Imparato's dream
  93. Barabba (uncredited) .... Man in tavern
  94. Come September (uncredited) .... Police commissioner
  95. Francis of Assisi (uncredited) .... Tavern keeper
  96. I due marescialli (credited) .... Postman
  97. Il mantenuto (uncredited) .... Man buried in sand
  98. La ragazza sotto il lenzuolo (credited?) .... John Allison
  99. Le ambiziose (uncredited) .... Guest of honour at party
  100. Le magnifiche 7 (uncredited) .... Yacht captain
  101. La vendetta della maschera di ferro (credited) .... Role?
  102. Le avventure di Mary Read (credited) .... Party guest whose trousers fall down
  103. Romolo e Remo (uncredited) .... Pastor
  104. Sodoma e Gomorra (uncredited) .... Queen's cupbearer
  105. Vanina Vanini (uncredited) .... Fabric merchant

  106. Carmen di Trastevere (credited?) .... Customer eating spaghetti
  107. Colpo gobbo all'italiana (credited) .... Bar proprietor
  108. I due colonnelli (uncredited) .... Cook
  109. I motorizzati (uncredited) .... Man at the car market
  110. Il cambio della guardia (uncredited) .... Fascist driver
  111. Lo smemorato di Collegno (uncredited) .... Mental patient who thinks he's a bench
  112. Maciste contro lo Sceicco (credited) .... Chamberlain
  113. Totò diabolicus (credited) .... Postman

  114. Gli onorevoli (uncredited) .... MSI supporter
  115. L'attico (uncredited) .... Nurse
  116. Il monaco di Monza (credited) .... Nurse
  117. Finché dura la tempesta (uncredited) .... Waiter
  118. Totòsexy (credited) .... Prisoner No.1

  119. Biblioteca di studio uno - La primula rossa (TV series) (credited) .... Prison guard in the Bastille
  120. Controsesso - segment "Il professore" (uncredited) .... Café customer by the jukebox
  121. Due mafiosi nel Far West (uncredited) .... Saloon customer
  122. I due evasi di Sing Sing (uncredited) .... Speaker
  123. I marziani hanno 12 manni (uncredited) .... Spectator at football match
  124. Il trionfo dei dieci gladiatori (uncredited) .... Tavern keeper
  125. Il gladiatore che sfidò l'impero (uncredited) .... Guest at Nero's banquet

  126. Altissima pressione (credited) .... Owner of Catacomba
  127. Colorado Charlie (maybe credited under pseudonym?) .... Jack, Springfield barman
  128. I due sergenti del generale Custer (uncredited) .... Barman
  129. I figli del leopardo (credited) .... Farmer
  130. Il tormento e l'estasi / The agony and the ecstasy (uncredited) .... Tavern customer
  131. Io uccido, tu uccidi - segment "Cavalleria rusticana: oggi" (uncredited) .... Sicilian man
  132. La sfida dei Giganti (uncredited) .... Geronte
  133. Un dollaro bucato (uncredited) .... Man cat-calling to Judy in saloon (uncertain identification)

  134. After the Fox (credited) .... Actor
  135. Agguato sul Bosforo (uncredited) .... Informer in the Contessa's club
  136. Io, io, io.... e gli altri (uncredited) .... Man at the desk in the funeral home
  137. La Bibbia (uncredited) .... Sodomite
  138. Per pochi dollari ancora (uncredited) .... Saloon customer
  139. Un milione di dollari per 7 assassini (uncredited) .... Man in sauna

  140. 7 donne per i Mac Gregor (uncredited) .... Barney, hardware store owner
  141. Arrriva Dorellik (uncredited) .... Gustavo Dupont
  142. Bang Bang Kid (credited) .... Barman
  143. I crudeli (uncredited) .... Man in saloon
  144. Il magnifico texano (uncredited) .... Barman
  145. L'indomabile Angelica (uncredited) .... Bidder at slave auction
  146. La bisbetica domata (uncredited) .... Man in street
  147. La cintura di castità (uncredited) .... Diavolone
  148. La feldmarescialla - Rita fugge... lui corre... egli scappa (uncredited) .... German officer blowing swastika smoke ring
  149. Le dolci signore (uncredited) .... Guest at Orphans benefit
  150. Peggio per me... meglio per te (uncredited) .... Restaurant diner
  151. Se vuoi vivere... spara! (uncredited) .... Fred, barman

  152. Brutti di notte (uncredited) .... Man in Piazza Navona
  153. Don Chisciotte e Sancio Panza (uncredited) .... Tavern customer
  154. Donne... botte e bersaglieri (uncredited) .... Commendator Lo Giudice
  155. E per tetto un cielo di stelle (uncredited) .... Store keeper
  156. Il grande silenzio (uncredited) .... Barman
  157. Il pistolero segnato da Dio (uncredited) .... Barman
  158. Stuntman (credits?) .... Man with camper
  159. Tre passi nel delirio / Histoires extraordinaires (uncredited) .... Driver / Party guest
  160. Un minuto per pregare, un istante per morire (uncredited) .... Man in saloon

  161. Cinque figli di cane (uncredited) .... Brothel client
  162. Gli specialisti (uncredited) .... Barman
  163. Ehi amico... c'è Sabata, hai chiuso! (uncredited) .... Barman
  164. I quattro del Pater Noster (uncredited) .... Gambler
  165. Il ragazzo che sorride (uncredited) .... Porter delivering sofa
  166. Le calde notti di Poppea (uncredited) .... Man in market place
  167. Una su 13 (uncredited) .... Pasqualino's father
  168. Zorro marchese di Navarra (uncredited) .... Tavern keeper

  169. Nel giorno del signore (uncredited) .... Companion of Messer Anticoli
  170. Satiricosissimo (uncredited) .... Party guest
  171. Splendori e miserie di Madame Royale (uncredited) .... Man in sauna

  172. Er Più - Storia d'amore e di coltello (uncredited) .... Tavern proprietor
  173. Le juge (All'ovest di Sacramento) (uncredited) .... Witness at Buck's trial
  174. Mio padre, monsignore (credited) .... Man singing in town square
  175. Riuscirà l'avvocato Franco Benenato a sconfiggere il suo acerrimo nemico il pretore Ciccio De Ingras? (uncredited) .... Barman
  176. Siamo tutti in libertà provvisoria (uncredited) .... Man with prostitute
  177. Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato... parola di Spirito Santo (uncredited) .... Barman
  178. Quando gli uomini armarono la clava e... con le donne fecero din-don (uncredited) .... Fat lake dweller
  179. Il provinciale (uncredited) .... Man delivering chairs

  180. Boccaccio (uncredited) .... Spectator
  181. Così Sia (uncredited) .... Bell ringer
  182. Domani passo a salutare la tua vedova... parola di Epidemia (uncredited) .... Hotel receptionist
  183. …E si salvò solo l'aretino pietro con una mano avanti e l'altra dietro (uncredited) .... The dishonoured father
  184. Il prode Anselmo e il suo scudiero (uncredited) .... Blacksmith
  185. Il terrore con gli occhi storti (uncredited) .... Barman at party
  186. Lo chiameremo Andrea (uncredited) .... Actor in advert on TV
  187. Roma (uncredited) .... Man eating on restaurant terrace
  188. Sollazzevoli storie di mogli gaudenti e mariti penitenti (uncredited) .... Monk who lags behind

  189. Diario di una vergine romana (uncredited) .... Nobleman in Livia's bed
  190. Novelle licenziose di vergini vogliose (credited) .... Friar
  191. Polvere di stelle (uncredited) .... Spectator at Theatre Caracioni
  192. Vogliamo i colonnelli (uncredited) .... Officer on the bench with walkie talkie

  193. La rivolta delle gladiatrici / The Arena (uncredited) .... Man at the orgy
  194. Prima ti suono e poi ti sparo (credited) .... Saloon owner

  195. La polizia interviene: ordine di uccidere! (credited) .... Kellner, restaurant owner
  196. Un sorriso, uno schiaffo, un bacio in bocca (uncredited) .... Postman (archive footage from "Totò diabolicus" - 1963)

  197. Cassandra Crossing (uncredited) .... Train passenger
  198. Novecento (uncredited) .... Fascist at church meeting
  199. Squadra antiscippo (credited as Domenico Poli) .... Football supporter
  200. Il conto è chiuso (uncredited) .... Garage owner
  201. Paura in città (credited as Domenico Poli) .... Nestore Frangipane, barman
  202. Squadra antifurto (credited) .... Sr. Mussulman

  203. Emanuelle perché violenza alle donne? (uncredited) .... Man performing cunnilingus
  204. La banda del trucido (uncredited) .... Pool hall manager
  205. Messalina, Messalina! (uncredited) .... Man in tavern
  206. Poliziotto sprint (credited) .... Peppone, an informer
  207. Squadra antitruffa (uncredited) .... Milady
  208. Un borghese piccolo piccolo (uncredited) .... Freemason

  209. Il figlio dello sceicco (credited) .... Abdul, The Sheik
  210. La banda del gobbo (uncredited) .... Salvatore
  211. La Cage aux Folles / Il vizietto (uncredited) .... Marcel, cafe owner
  212. Pari e dispari (uncredited) .... Cafe manager

  213. Viaggio con Anita (uncredited) .... Production assistant on commercial
  214. Giallo napoletano (uncredited) .... Cook in psychiatric hospital
  215. La liceale, il diavolo e l'acquasanta (uncredited) .... Man who was mugged
  216. La luna (credited) .... Piano delivery man
  217. Letti selvaggi (uncredited) .... School janitor

  218. La città delle donne (uncredited) .... Party guest
  219. Delitto a Porta Romana (uncredited) .... Man outside theatre
  220. Mi faccio la barca (credited) .... Parking attendant
  221. Piedone d'Egitto (credited) .... Passenger on plane
  222. La salamandra (uncredited) .... Party guest
  223. Sono fotogenico (uncredited) .... Assistant on the set of "L'ultimo rally"
  224. Zucchero, miele e peperoncino (uncredited) .... Father of Rosalia

  225. Delitto al ristorante cinese (credited) .... Gasparotto
  226. Il marchese del Grillo (uncredited) .... Tavern keeper
  227. L'isola del gabbiano (TV mini series) (uncredited) .... Man on the beach
  228. La sai l'ultima su... i matti? (uncredited) .... Mental patient
  229. Uno contro l'altro, praticamente amici (uncredited) .... Restaurant owner

  230. Bomber (uncredited) .... Cook
  231. Delitto sull'autostrada (uncredited) .... Restaurant owner
  232. Dio il fa poi il accoppia (uncredited) .... Taxi driver
  233. Il conte Tacchia (uncredited) .... Priest
  234. La casa stregata (uncredited) .... Customer entering the bank during first robbery
  235. Monsignor (credited as Domenico Poli) .... Sicilian priest
  236. Pronto... Lucia (uncredited) .... Barman in Austrian restaurant
  237. Vieni avanti cretino (uncredited) .... Man leaving prison

  238. Guapparia (uncredited) .... Priest
  239. II diavolo e l'acquasanta (uncredited) .... Taxi driver

  240. A tu per tu (credited) .... Not found, maybe does not appear
  241. Le due vite di Mattia Pascal (TV mini-series, episode 3) (uncredited) .... Desk clerk at gambling den

  242. Ginger e Fred (uncredited) .... Man in waiting area
  243. I soliti ignoti vent'anni dopo (credited) .... Cesare
  244. Mi faccia causa (TV series) - episode 3 (uncredited) .... Chef in court room

  245. Quando arriva il giudice (TV series) - episode 5: "La notte delle stelle" (uncredited) .... Guest at the costume party

Additional credits
  • Polaroid Swinger advertisement (1968, vocally credited) .... Himself

More Mimmo!
Even with the 235 odd credits here already there are still more titles in which Mimmo reportedly appears, so if anyone has shots of him in any of the titles below, you know what to do! Equally, if you know he definitely does not appear in any of these films then please let me know and I will move the title to the other list below - and of course if you know of or can find any additional titles not on this list that would be even better!
  • Licenza premio (1951)
  • La barriera della legge (1954)
  • La chiamavan capinera (1957)
  • La zia d’america va a sciare (1957)
  • Perfide… ma belle (1958) Google translates the role listed on Cinema Italiano DB as “Thick starvation”!!
  • La duchessa di santa lucia (1959)
  • II principe fusto (1960) as Mimmo - maybe credited
  • Indios a nord-ovest (1964)
  • Vacanze sulla neve (1966)
  • Gli altri, gli altri e noi (1966) - not to be confused with Io, Io, Io e gli altri, released the same year, in which Mimmo also appears
  • La donne a una dimensione (1969) as Man on TV
Mimmo is missing!
Mimmo seems to have a surprisingly high number of mis-credits around the internet, and even in the credits of films themselves, for films in which he does not seem to appear. A few of these could maybe be accounted for by my having only seen versions where his appearance had been cut, some are clearly misidentifications and it is possible I could have missed him in one or two, but then again some of them are just total mysteries. If anyone else wants to search for him in these films in the hope of finding him where I may have missed him I wish you good luck.
  • Ulisse (1954) - Does not appear. Pretty much every filmography I’ve found of Mimmo, including ANICA, includes this title, where he reportedly plays a character called Procio. I have been through this film previously gathering images and identifying actors without finding him (or anyone who resembles him) or any character named Procio and I have been through it three times now on blu-ray specifically looking for Mimmo, still with no luck, so this credit is a big Mimmo mystery.
  • La notte brava (1959) - Probably does not appear. Credited on many sites, including ANICA, with no role given. According to Cinema Italiano DB, Mimmo is the final actor listed in the closing credits of this film, however the Italian copy I watched just ended with “Fine” and then faded out - as was normal in Italian films at that time. There is a fat pimp at the start of the film but he does not look like Mimmo to me, otherwise there is no-one similar.
  • Il carabiniere a cavallo (1961) - Does not appear. IMDb lists him as an uncredited actor in this film but without giving any character name/description and he's nowhere to be found in the film. But there is a tiny role for Gianni Baghino, who even though he doesn't resemble Mimmo, sometimes appeared together with him and often played the same kinds of roles, so possibly someone has confused the two.
  • Il federale (1961) - Probably does not appear. Listed on various websites, including ANICA, with no role given, I couldn’t find him - someone may have confused him with a different unidentified fat actor seen on a bus or a fat trainee soldier who is not seen clearly enough to identify.
  • La donna degli altri è sempre più bella (1963) - Probably does not appear. Mimmo is listed on ANICA and other sites as appearing in this episodic film, with no role given. I have been through it but couldn’t find him. He may have been confused with another unidentified fat actor who appears (who looks similar to the actor who he may have been mistaken for in Il Federale). Rudy also could not see Mimmo in this film.
  • Vino, whisky e acqua salata (1963) - Does not appear. The credits list a “Max Poli” which someone has listed on IMDb as being Mimmo, but he most definitely does not appear in this one, so “Max Poli” is presumably a different actor altogether.
  • Trappola per sette spie (1966) - Does not appear. Just as with Vino, whisky e acqua salata, a certain “Max Poly” is listed in the credits, but in spite of what the IMDb says, this is not an alias for Mimmo.
  • The Honey Pot / Masquerade (1967) - Does not appear. IMDb lists Mimmo as playing a cook, but there is no such role in the film. IMDb also says that a number of actors, including Antonio Corevi and Frank Latimore, filmed scenes that were deleted from the film. There were apparently 18 minutes cut between the film’s initial opening and wide release, and it’s the shorter version which is available on DVD and blu-ray. Maybe Mimmo’s scene was also cut? Who knows!
  • Poppea... una prostituta al servizio dell’impero (1972) - Does not appear. Listed on IMDb and other places, my guess is that someone at some point confused this film with one or other of the similarly titled and themed Le calde notti di Poppea or Livia, una vergine per l’impero, in both of which Mimmo does appear.
  • Storia di fifa e di coltello - Er seguito der più (1972) - Probably does not appear. Listed on ANICA with no role. I couldn’t see him. Maybe someone has confused this film with Un dollaro di fifa (1960) in which Mimmo does appear.
  • Piedone lo sbirro (1973) - Probably does not appear. Listed on IMDb with no role. Maybe mistaken for one of several similar looking actors in the film. I couldn’t find him.
  • Zanna Bianca (1973) - Does not appear. Mimmo is credited on ANICA as being in this film, but it is actually Maurice Poli who is credited in the film and playing the role they ascribe to Mimmo.
  • Libidomania (1979) - Does not appear. Mimmo is mis-credited on IMDb and elsewhere as playing the role actually played by Veriano Ginesi.
  • La patata bollente (1979) - Probably does not appear. Mimmo is listed on Cinema Italiano DB as playing a “Worker”. Since the film is set in a factory there are a lot of actors who could be credited as workers, but as far as I can see Mimmo is not one of them. There is an actor sitting in the far background in a scene in the factory restaurant who resembles Mimmo's shape, but I think it would be impossible to see him clearly enough to make a positive I.D.
  • Squadra antigangsters (1979) - Probably does not appear. According to IMDb Mimmo plays an arab in the pre-credit sequence. What pre-credit sequence? The copy I watched didn’t have one and neither did it have Mimmo, which means it was either cut or never existed.
  • A tu per tu (1984) - Probably does not appear. Mimmo’s name appears in the end credits, but I've looked several times and I couldn’t see him anywhere in the film. Just one more Mimmo mystery!

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Re: Mimmo Poli

Post by PeplumParadise » 09/06/2019, 16:08

Totò e i Re di Roma (1951) as Man pushing past Toto coming up steps
Toto supposedly "discovered" Mimmo for this film, though, if true, he hardly put his new discovery to good use. Mimmo was reportedly already an established actor in the theatre at this point.

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Re: Mimmo Poli

Post by PeplumParadise » 09/06/2019, 16:26

Anna (1951) as Nurse
Note: In his credits around the internet Mimmo's character descriptions frequently include the word "Fat", such as here he would be called "The fat nurse / L'infermiere grasso". I don't really see the necessity to include that description in a film like this, since his size goes without saying and is only really worth noting if it is important to his role, which here it is not.

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Re: Mimmo Poli

Post by PeplumParadise » 09/06/2019, 16:33

Il cappotto (1952) as Councillor
Cappotto - Mimmo Poli1.jpg
Cappotto - Mimmo Poli2.jpg

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Re: Mimmo Poli

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Jolanda la figlia del Corsaro Nero (1952) as Pirate

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Re: Mimmo Poli

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Lo sai che i papaveri... (1952) as Sfilatino

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Re: Mimmo Poli

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La muta di Portici (1952) as Man waiting for food

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Re: Mimmo Poli

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Noi due soli (1952) as Man at the bus stop

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Re: Mimmo Poli

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Totò a colori (1952) as Man cleaning outside Trattoria

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Re: Mimmo Poli

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Totò e le donne (1952) as Nurse

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