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Fortunato Arena

Post by PeplumParadise » 07/09/2019, 10:02

Fortunato Arena in Ercole sfida Sansone (1963)

Fortunato Arena was an actor, stuntman and generico whose career stretched from the start of the 50's until the end of the 80's, during which time he appeared in somewhere around 250 films. Various sources agree that his birthday is on May 23rd, but you have a choice of years with 1921 (Wikipedia), 1922 (IMDb) or 1925 (Il grande libro di Ercole). Wikipedia gives his place of birth as Catanzaro, Italy, and his date of death as March 7th 1994 in Rome.

He was the father of actor/stuntman Ettore Arena. The pair often appeared in films together, though they only very rarely shared scenes.

There is also a rumour that he was brother to Alberico Donadeo, though this seems to be due to the fact that Donadeo was frequently confused for Arena before he was identified and I know of no evidence to support this. Other actors to whom Arena could be said to bear some physical resemblance are Humphrey Bogart, Fernandel, Aldo Pini and stuntman Bruno Arie (topic coming soon!).

I have found a number of previously unreported early appearances by Arena in peplum and historical films and I feel sure there will be more roles to be found from the 50's and maybe the 80's.

  1. L'imperatore di Capri (uncredited) .... Guard in ancient Rome

  2. Messalina (uncredited) .... Gladiator

  3. Il romanzo della mia vita (uncredited) .... Man listening to singing in courtyard
  4. Il tallone di Achille (uncredited) .... Deputy chairman at medical convention
  5. Roma ore 11 (uncredited) .... Onlooker at the scene of the accident
  6. Wanda, la peccatrice (uncredited) .... Carabinieri guard at the trial

  7. Frine, cortigiana d'Oriente (uncredited) .... Prison guard
  8. La voce del silenzio (uncredited) .... Onlooker at the scene of the car accident
  9. Teodora (uncredited) .... Guard / Man watching Teodora dancing in tavern

  10. Disonorata - Senza colpa (uncredited) .... Guard in court room
  11. I tre ladri (uncredited) .... Shop customer
  12. Il Maestro di Don Giovanni (uncredited) .... Nobleman
  13. Tempi nostri (uncredited) .... A generico
  14. Un americano a roma (uncredited) .... Man who welcomes Nando
  15. Un giorno in pretura (uncredited) .... Pool player

  16. Il principe dalla maschera rossa (uncredited) .... Guard pushed into pool
  17. L'angelo bianco (uncredited) .... Police agent
  18. Lo scapolo (uncredited) .... Bus passenger
  19. Piccola posta (uncredited) .... Member of crowd outside Cinecitta
  20. Siamo uomini o caporali (uncredited) .... Editor of the magazine Ieri-oggi-domani
  21. War and Peace (uncredited) .... French soldier carrying jewels

  22. Giovanni dalle Bande Nere (uncredited) .... Soldier hit in the head
  23. Mio figlio Nerone (uncredited) .... Guard

  24. Il Conte di Matera (uncredited) .... Prison guard
  25. La venere di Cheronea (uncredited) .... Soldier in the tavern

  26. Afrodite, Dea dell'amore (uncredited) .... Soldier who kills angry traveller
  27. La Maja desnuda (uncredited) .... Guard

  28. La battaglia di Maratona (uncredited) .... Oarsman
  29. Ben-Hur (uncredited) .... Centurion / Oarsman
  30. Cartagine in fiamme (uncredited) .... Guard on ship
  31. I Reali di Francia (uncredited) .... Soldier
  32. Il terrore dei barbari (uncredited) .... Blonde barbarian
  33. Jovanka e le altre (uncredited) .... Partisan
  34. La cento chilometri (uncredited) .... Angry bather

  35. I cosacchi (uncredited) .... Cossack
  36. I giganti della Tessaglia (uncredited) .... Argonaut / Citizen of Jolco
  37. Jovanka e le altre (uncredited) .... Thug with Velko
  38. Noi duri (uncredited) .... A gangster

  39. Dinamite Jack (credited) .... Fernandel's body double (uncertain)
  40. Don Camillo monsignore... ma non troppo (uncredited) .... Truck driver
  41. Il ladro di Bagdad (uncredited) .... Guard
  42. L'arciere delle mille e una notte (uncredited) .... Bandit

  43. I moschettieri del mare (uncredited) .... Naval officer playing cards
  44. Io Semiramide (uncredited) .... Captain of the guards
  45. La congiura dei Dieci (uncredited) .... Night watchman who finds the body of Serenella
  46. Maciste contro lo Sceicco (uncredited) .... Fighter
  47. Maciste, il gladiatore più forte del mondo (uncredited) .... Gladiator
  48. Totò diabolicus (uncredited) .... Henchman assisting in the torture of the postman

  49. Ercole contro Moloch (uncredited) .... Gladiator
  50. Ercole sfida Sansone (credited) .... Eriphos
  51. Finché dura la tempesta (uncredited) .... Italian marine
  52. I dieci gladiatori (uncredited) .... Archer / Soldier
  53. Totò contro i quattro (uncredited) .... Grafta's partner

  54. Coriolano eroe senza patria (uncredited) .... Servant
  55. Gli invincibili dieci gladiatori (uncredited) .... Prison guard
  56. I due gladiatori (uncredited) .... Guard
  57. I pirati della Malesia (uncredited) .... Officer confronting Sandokan
  58. I predoni della steppa (uncredited) .... Mongol guard
  59. I tre centurioni (uncredited) .... Soldier
  60. Il colosso di Roma (credited as Arena Fortunato) .... Milone
  61. Il magnifico gladiatore (uncredited) .... Dacian prisoner
  62. Il trionfo di Ercole (uncredited) .... Archer
  63. L'ultimo gladiatore (uncredited) .... Bearded soldier
  64. La rivolta dei pretoriani (uncredited) .... Guard
  65. La rivolta dei sette (uncredited) .... Soldier
  66. La vendetta dei gladiatori (uncredited) .... Guard (uncertain)
  67. La vendetta di Spartacus (uncredited) .... Praetorian
  68. La vita agra (uncredited) .... Miner
  69. Le voci bianche (uncredited) .... Captain of the guards
  70. Maciste gladiatore di Sparta (uncredited) .... One of Maciste's accomplices
  71. Maciste nelle miniere di Re Salomone (uncredited) .... Prisoner working in mines
  72. Sandok, il Maciste della giungla (uncredited) .... Temple guard
  73. Sandokan alla riscossa (uncredited) .... Native
  74. The Secret Invasion (uncredited) .... Sailor Firing Signal Rocket

  75. A 008 operazione sterminio (credited as Lucky Arena) .... Kemp henchman
  76. Erik il vichingo (credited) .... Thormann
  77. I criminali della galassia (uncredited) .... Astronaut in the red car
  78. Il conquistatore di Atlantide (uncredited) .... Golden man
  79. Il tesoro della foresta pietrificata (uncredited) .... Nieblung warrior / Second role
  80. Il vendicatore dei Mayas (uncredited) .... One of Manur's men
  81. L'uomo che ride (uncredited) .... Guard
  82. L'uomo di Toledo (uncredited) .... Guard
  83. Slalom (uncredited) .... Assassin
  84. The Agony and the Ecstasy (uncredited) .... Pope's bodyguard
  85. Un dollaro bucato (uncredited) .... Juez

  86. 2 mafiosi contro Al Capone (uncredited) .... Minasi henchman
  87. 3 colpi di Winchester per Ringo (uncredited) .... One of Sanders' men
  88. 7 dollari sul rosso (uncredited) .... Troublemaker in the saloon
  89. 1000 dollari sul nero (uncredited) .... Laughing bandit
  90. A 077: sfida ai killers (uncredited) .... Fighter in bar
  91. Agente 3S3 massacro al sole (uncredited) .... Man on plane
  92. Django spara per primo (uncredited) .... One of Kluster's men
  93. Djurado (uncredited) .... Dallas
  94. I due figli di Ringo (uncredited) .... Indio's right hand
  95. Il ladro della Gioconda (uncredited) .... Romeo's servant
  96. Johnny Oro (uncredited) .... Perez henchman
  97. Johnny Yuma (uncredited) .... Poker player
  98. L'arcidiavolo (uncredited) .... Guard
  99. Missione Apocalisse (credited) .... Kruger
  100. Navajo Joe (uncredited) .... Gunman reflected in mirror
  101. Per qualche dollaro in meno (uncredited) .... Poker player in saloon
  102. Per un pugno di canzoni (uncredited) .... Gangster
  103. Spie contro il mondo (uncredited) .... Taxi driver
  104. Superargo contro Diabolikus (uncredited) .... Diabolikus henchman on boat
  105. Un angelo per Satana (uncredited) .... Man at the fire
  106. Uno sceriffo tutto d'oro (credited as Ares Lucky) .... Vargas
  107. Wanted (uncredited) .... Barman in Poorland City

  108. 7 donne per i Mac Gregor (uncredited) .... Bank robber
  109. Il bello, il brutto, il cretino (uncredited) .... Mexican
  110. Killer Kid (uncredited) .... José, el santo soldier
  111. L'assalto al centro nucleare (credited) .... role?
  112. La cintura di castità (uncredited) .... Knight
  113. La morte viene dal pianeta Aytin (uncredited) .... Snow devil
  114. Le due facce del dollaro (uncredited) .... Mexican bandit
  115. Se vuoi vivere... spara! (uncredited) .... Lookout
  116. Un dollaro per 7 vigliacchi (uncredited) .... Pastore
  117. Un dollaro tra i denti (credited) .... Captain Cordoba
  118. Un uomo, un cavallo, una pistola (uncredited) .... Plein henchman
  119. Wanted Johnny Texas (uncredited) .... One of O'Connor's men

  120. Carogne si nasce (uncredited) .... One of Adams' men
  121. Donne... botte e bersaglieri (uncredited) .... Actor-gangster
  122. E per tetto un cielo di stelle (uncredited) .... Man with false sheriff
  123. ... e venne il tempo di uccidere (credited as Fortunato Areno) .... One of Mulligan's men
  124. Gangsters per un massacro (uncredited) .... Assassin
  125. I lunghi giorni dell'odio (credited) .... Jack
  126. Il grande silenzio (uncredited) .... Outlaw
  127. Il lungo giorno del massacro (uncredited) .... Green
  128. Il suo nome gridava vendetta (uncredited) .... Crazy Joe
  129. La vendetta è il mio perdono (uncredited) .... Prisoner delivered by Django
  130. Samoa, regina della giungla (uncredited) .... Man in pre-credit bar fight
  131. Se incontri Sartana prega per la tua morte (uncredited) .... One of Tampico's men
  132. Se te lo raccontassi (TV series, episode: Rebus per un sedentario) (credited) .... role?
  133. Sigpress contro Scotland Yard (uncredited) .... Little John from Tunisia
  134. Spara, gringo, spara! (uncredited) .... Sheriff
  135. Un minuto per pregare, un istante per morire (credited) .... Man in saloon
  136. Un uomo, un cavallo, una pistola (credited?) .... Trent
  137. Una forca per un bastardo (credited) .... One of Foster's men
  138. Vivo per la tua morte (uncredited) .... Card player

  139. Dio perdoni la mia pistola (uncredited) .... Stagecoach driver
  140. Ehi amico... c'è Sabata, hai chiuso! (uncredited) .... Ranch hand
  141. Franco, Ciccio e il pirata Barbanera (credited) .... Timoniere
  142. Franco e Ciccio ...ladro e guardia (credited) .... Circus presenter
  143. I quattro del Pater Noster (credited) .... Post carriage escort
  144. It Takes a Thief (TV series) - season 3, episode 9: "The King of Thieves" (uncredited) .... Max's henchman
  145. L'odio è il mio dio (credited?) .... Sheriff henchman
  146. Le avventure di Gerard (uncredited) .... Tavern keeper
  147. Le calde notti di Poppea (uncredited) .... Cilla
  148. Quintana (uncredited) .... Prison guard
  149. Tarzana, sesso selvaggio (uncredited) .... Guard on expedition
  150. Un esercito di 5 uomini (uncredited) .... Officer who orders Esteban's execution
  151. Zorro marchese di Navarra (credited) .... El Moko

  152. Buon funerale amigos... paga Sartana (uncredited) .... Trouble maker in casino
  153. Ciakmull - L'uomo della vendetta (uncredited) .... Asylum worker
  154. La moglie più bella (credited) .... Piero Colosimo
  155. Lo chiamavano Trinità... (uncredited) .... Store keeper
  156. Roy Colt e Winchester Jack (uncredited) .... Lookout in the cave
  157. Shango la pistola infallibile (uncredited) .... One of Martinez's soldiers

  158. Armiamoci e partite! (credited) .... German soldier
  159. Arriva Durango: paga o muori (uncredited) .... Poker player
  160. Blindman (credited) .... Mexican officer
  161. ...Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità (credited) .... Bandit who gets stunned
  162. Cose di cosa nostra (credited) .... One of Manzano's men
  163. Detenuto in attesa di giudizio (uncredited) .... Prisoner
  164. È tornato Sabata... hai chiuso un'altra volta! (uncredited) .... Saloon owner
  165. Fratello Sole, sorella Luna (uncredited) .... Citizen of Assisi
  166. Gli fumavano le colt... lo chiamavano Camposanto (uncredited) .... Man at town meeting
  167. Il ritorno del gladiatore più forte del mondo (uncredited) .... Guard with Caio Appio
  168. Il sole nella pelle (uncredited) .... Truck driver
  169. Il tredicesimo è sempre Giuda (credited) .... Judge Stump
  170. Il venditore di morte (uncredited) .... Hangman
  171. Le calde notti di Don Giovanni (uncredited) .... One of Aiscia's Wardens
  172. Le juge (All'ovest di Sacramento) (uncredited) .... Black Bird saloon gambler
  173. Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo (credited as Ares Lucky) .... Coachman
  174. Rimase uno solo e fu la morte per tutti (credited) .... Jackson
  175. Riuscirà il nostro eroe a ritrovare il più grande diamante del mondo? (credited + Master of arms) .... Brett
  176. Tara Poki (credited) .... Alphonso
  177. Testa t'ammazzo, croce... sei morto, mi chiamano Alleluja (credited) .... Sheriff in Yucca
  178. The Statue (uncredited) .... Customs officer
  179. W Django! (uncredited) .... Blake

  180. Bada alla tua pelle Spirito Santo! (credited) .... Suomi's father
  181. Cosi Sia (uncredited) .... Stagecoach driver
  182. ...e poi lo chiamarono il Magnifico (credited) .... Danny Dillman
  183. Girolimoni - Il mostro di Roma (credited) .... Caccavallo
  184. I due figli dei Trinità (credited) .... Jack Gordon
  185. Il sindacalista (uncredited) .... Striking worker
  186. Il west ti va stretto, amico... è arrivato Alleluja (credited?) .... Sheriff Hall
  187. Jesse & Lester due fratelli in un posto chiamato Trinità (uncredited) .... Joe
  188. L'emigrante (uncredited) .... Restaurant owner
  189. Meo Patacca (credited) .... Not found
  190. Metti lo diavolo tuo ne lo mio inferno (credited) .... Trottolino
  191. Roma (uncredited) .... Judge of fascist gymnastic tests
  192. Seminò morte... lo chiamavano il castigo di Dio (uncredited) .... Card player
  193. Senza famiglia nullatenenti cercano affetto (credited) .... Officer removing Agostino
  194. Spirito Santo e le 5 magnifiche canaglie (credited) .... Killer
  195. Terza ipotesi su un caso di perfetta strategia criminale (credited) .... Don Salvatore Aniello
  196. Trinità e Sartana figli di... (uncredited) .... Sheriff
  197. Un uomo dalla pelle dura (credited) .... Man watching fight
  198. Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato... parola di Spirito Santo (credited) .... Colonel Matatodos

  199. Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli (credited) .... McIntosh's partner
  200. Di tresette ce n'è uno, tutti gli altri son nessuno (credited?) .... Camp card player
  201. Fuori uno sotto un altro... arriva il Passatore (credited) .... Sergeant
  202. Il consigliori (credited) .... One of Garofalo's men
  203. Il suo nome faceva tremare... Interpol in allarme! (uncredited) .... Prison warder
  204. Kid il monello del west (credited) .... Sheriff Stone
  205. Lo chiamavano Tresette... giocava sempre col morto (credited?) .... Tangarango
  206. Patroclooo! E il soldato Camillone (credited as Arena Fortunato) .... Tamara's father
  207. Rappresaglia (uncredited) .... Man in meeting with Giorgio
  208. Sono stato io (uncredited) .... Prisoner

  209. Anche gli angeli tirano di destro (credited) .... Peluso
  210. ...Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo! (uncredited) .... Diner at restaurant table hit by car
  211. Corte marziale (uncredited) .... Farmer
  212. Moses the lawgiver (uncredited) .... Guard accompanying Moses when he visits the workers
  213. Pane e cioccolata (uncredited) .... Shantytown resident
  214. Quelli che contano (uncredited) .... Scannapicco henchman
  215. The Godfather Squad (uncredited) .... Smiling assassin

  216. ...Che botte ragazzi! (credited) .... Sheriff Wilson
  217. Due cuori una cappella (uncredited) .... Police officer
  218. Il soldato di ventura (uncredited) .... French soldier
  219. La liceale (uncredited) .... Police officer
  220. La peccatrice (credited) .... Miner
  221. La polizia accusa: il servizio segreto uccide (uncredited) .... Man dragging body of Scanni
  222. La polizia interviene: ordine di uccidere! (uncredited) .... Police officer Lagiurani
  223. Lo sgarbo (uncredited) .... Assassin
  224. Salvo d'acquisto (credited) .... Villager

  225. Bluff storia di truffe e di imbroglioni (credited) .... Officer escorting Philip
  226. Il conto è chiuso (uncredited) .... One of Rico's men
  227. Il vangelo secondo Simone e Matteo (uncredited) .... Cashier
  228. Italia a mano armata (credited) .... Morell
  229. La dottoressa del distretto militare (uncredited) .... Builder
  230. La poliziotta fa carriera (uncredited) .... Man who falls into fountain
  231. Poliziotti violenti (uncredited) .... Thug

  232. I due superpiedi quasi piatti (uncredited) .... Employee at bowling alley
  233. Il... Belpaese (uncredited) .... Restaurant owner
  234. Il cinico, l'infame, il violento (credited) .... Prisoner trying to kill Di Maggio
  235. Kakkientruppen (credited) .... Soldier Marlene
  236. La banda del trucido (uncredited) .... Taxi driver
  237. Napoli si ribella (credited) .... Bank robber
  238. Squadra antitruffa (uncredited) .... Porter

  239. La banda del gobbo (credited) .... Psychiatric nurse
  240. Lo chiamavano Bulldozer (uncredited) .... Thug
  241. Return of the Saint (TV series, episode 22: Dragonseed) (credited) .... Peasant
  242. Solamente nero (uncredited) .... Antonio, the waiter
  243. Tanto va la gatta al lardo... (uncredited) .... Butcher

  244. Caligula (uncredited) .... Man carrying Caligula's corpse
  245. S+H+E (credited) .... Peasant

  246. La salamandra (credited) .... Corpse of General Pantaleone

  247. Ciao nemico (credited) .... Santoni
  248. Giovani, belle... probabilmente ricche (uncredited) .... Man buying adult magazine
  249. Gunan il guerriero (credited as Lucky Aras) .... Gunan's father

  250. Dagobert (uncredited) .... Soldier in the tavern

  251. La casa delle anime erranti (credited) .... Ugo Brandini

More Fortunato!
There are around 20 further titles where Fortunato is rumoured to appear that I have been unable to find copies of, so if anybody has any of the titles below you know what to do...
  • Chiedi perdono a dio, non a me (1968)
  • Storia di sangue (1972)
  • ...e continuavano a mettere lo diavolo ne lo inferno (1973) credited
  • Il lupo dei mari (1974)
  • Pugni, dollari & spinaci (1978)
  • Brillantina rock (1979)
  • Kenn' ich, weiss ich, war ich schon! (1981)

Missing Arena!
As always seems to be the case with little-known actors with large online filmographies, there are a number of titles where he is credited somewhere online, but either he does not appear or else I was unable to find him for some reason.
  • Sugar Colt (1966) listed on IMDb as playing "Man in saloon". I could not see him, possibly confused for Alberico Donadeo, who does appear.
  • Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (1966) credited on IMDb as playing "3rd Sombrero Onlooker at Tuco's 1st Hanging". He does not appear in this scene, again maybe confused for Donadeo.
  • Come rubammo la bomba atomica (1967) credited on IMDb with no role given. I could not find him.
  • Django sfida Sartana (1970) Credited on CIDb as "Bandit" - with an image of Donadeo! I originally posted an image of another actor I thought could possibly be Arena, but unanimous opinion was that it was not him, so it has been removed.
  • C'è Sartana... vendi la pistola e comprati la bara (1970) Credited on IMDb as playing "Old man". I didn't see Fortunato, but Donadeo is there in a role that could fit the description (if you consider men in their 40's to be "old")
  • Indio Black sai che ti dico (1970) listed on CIDb as playing "Observer at duel". There are no duels in the film, and he is not a spectator at any other gunfights or anywhere else in the film as far as I can see. Donadeo and his son Ettore both appear, which could provide an explanation.
  • La bella Antonia, prima Monica e poi Dimonia (1972) Listed on IMDb with no role, he definitely does not appear.
  • Contro 4 bandiere (1979) listed on IMDb as "Soldato Anziano", I could not see him anywhere.
  • Due strani papà (1983) listed on IMDb as "Man at poker table". His son Ettore is at the poker table, Fortunato is not.


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Re: Fortunato Arena

Post by PeplumParadise » 07/09/2019, 10:04

Messalina (1951) as Gladiator

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Re: Fortunato Arena

Post by PeplumParadise » 07/09/2019, 10:07

Frine, cortigiana d'Oriente (1953) as Prison guard

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Re: Fortunato Arena

Post by PeplumParadise » 07/09/2019, 10:09

Teodora (1953) as Guard

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Re: Fortunato Arena

Post by PeplumParadise » 07/09/2019, 10:13

Il Maestro di Don Giovanni (1954) as Nobleman

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Re: Fortunato Arena

Post by PeplumParadise » 07/09/2019, 10:16

Tempi nostri (1954) as A generico

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Re: Fortunato Arena

Post by PeplumParadise » 07/09/2019, 10:20

Lo scapolo (1955) as Bus passenger (on the right, facing away)

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Re: Fortunato Arena

Post by PeplumParadise » 07/09/2019, 10:23

Il principe dalla maschera rossa (1955) as Guard pushed into pool

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Re: Fortunato Arena

Post by PeplumParadise » 07/09/2019, 10:29

War and Peace (1955) as French soldier carrying jewels

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Re: Fortunato Arena

Post by PeplumParadise » 07/09/2019, 10:31

Mio figlio Nerone (1956) as Guard

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