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Dolgin, Larry

Post by Johan Melle » 10/04/2020, 3:28

Dolgin Larry.jpg
Larry Dolgin in Annuario degli attori 1988-89
A very handsome and good-looking actor with a squared jaw, chiselled features, bright white smile and a deep masculine voice, it's a bit of a mystery that Larry Dolgin never became a bigger star. He did appear in a fair share of movies, but mostly in small roles, and is primarily remembered not for his actual on-screen work, but rather for his vocal work, as he was one of the most prominent English-language dubbers working in Rome during the 1970s and 80s.

Trying to piece together biographical information on Larry has been quite difficult as there's very little available online. When I asked dubbing actor/director John Gayford, who was good friends with Larry, about him back in 2017, he seemed to recall that Larry was originally from Canada before later moving to California, but he couldn't swear to it.

His film debut appears to have been a small but pivotal role in Hot Rod Rumble (1957), a low-budget teen drama about drag racing that was shot at Hollywood Studios in two weeks. After that, Larry embarked on a music career, and during the late 1950s and early 1960s, he was second tenor in The Cables, a successful vocal and instrumental group based in San Francisco, California. In 1961, they released the songs "Choo-Choo" and "Midnight Roses" as a two-sided single on the RCA Victor label, and toured successfully for several years.

Larry eventually left The Cables to make it on his own, and in 1964, he served as emcee for an all-girl revue named Moulin Rouge. Then, at some point, he ended up in Rome, Italy - presumably in search of acting work. The earliest Italian films he's known to have appeared in are both from 1968: the western Black Jack and the crime movie Quella carogna dell'ispettore Sterling. In both movies he has fairly large, credited roles, but he didn't land any further significant on-screen roles after that. Instead, he seems to have shifted all of his efforts to working as a dubber on the English-language versions of Italian films - possibly because he found more steady work in that area, with native English speakers being in constant demand for dubbing jobs.

As a dubber, Larry lent his voice to countless Italian films dubbed in Rome, but he also worked steadily as a dubbing actor and director for film sales company Atlas International Film, which was based in Munich, Germany. Atlas dubbed and distributed films from all sorts of countries, including Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Brazil, Hong Kong and the Philippines, and Larry is credited with writing the English dialogue and directing the dubbing of numerous films distributed by Atlas. He still kept on working in Rome, however, so he must have commuted a lot between Rome and Munich, and John Gayford confirmed that Larry was indeed travelling a lot during those years. His deep, masculine voice should be instantly recognizable to most Euro-cult enthusiasts, and some of the many notable actors Larry dubbed into English include Tomas Milian, Giancarlo Giannini, Fabio Testi, Ray Lovelock, Gianni Garko, Antonio Sabato, Raimund Harmstorf, Philippe Leroy, Gabriel Pontello and Jackie Chan.

In the 1980s, Larry began to appear in more on-screen roles, primarily small roles in American productions shot in Rome, but he also had reasonably large roles in some Italian movies such as Ciao nemico and Caligola - La storia mai raccontata (both 1982), and had particularly substantial roles in TV mini series such as L'ombra nera del Vesuvio (1986) and Il principe del deserto (1991). Other roles, however, were typically small, and several were uncredited, too.

According to an interview with dubbing actor/director Ted Rusoff in Video Watchdog #159 (November/December 2010), Larry came into a nice inheritance in the 1990s and retired to a villa in Sardinia. John Gayford gave me a similar account in 2017. He didn't mention an inheritance but told me Larry went off to Sardinia to retire together with his girlfriend, an English dancer/choreographer named Daphne. Indeed, Larry's final known film appearance was in Ancient Warriors, an American action movie shot on location in Sardinia in 2001. John Gayford was no longer in touch with Larry and did not know whether he was still alive or not.

Dolgin Larry 2.jpg
Larry Dolgin in Annuario degli attori 1988-89
  1. Hot Rod Rumble .... Hank Adams (uncredited)

  2. Black Jack .... Reb (credited)
  3. Quella carogna dell'ispettore Sterling .... Kelly (credited)

  4. Femmine insaziabili .... Interviewer (uncredited)

  5. Hornets' Nest .... Pilot (credited)
  6. L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo .... TV presenter (uncredited)
  7. Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You .... Assistant director (uncredited)

  8. Le serpent .... Atamian (credited)

  9. The Count of Monte-Cristo (TV) .... First jailer (uncredited)

  10. Son of Hitler .... Karl (credited)

  11. La promessa (TV mini series) .... Commissioner Feller (uncredited)

  12. Inchon .... Officer on the plane (uncredited)
  13. L'ultimo harem .... Chuck, the TV anchor (uncredited)

  14. Caligola - La storia mai raccontata .... Cornelius (credited)
  15. Ciao nemico .... Colonel Bascombe (credited)

  16. La casa delle orchidee .... Jeffrey (credited as Maurice Larry Dolgin)

  17. Indagine sui sentimenti (TV mini series) - episode 4 .... Bowling player (uncredited)

  18. Colpi di luce .... Stock car race commentator (uncredited)

  19. L'ombra nera del Vesuvio (TV mini series) .... Cunningham (credited)
  20. Scuola di ladri .... The cheated American buyer (uncredited)
  21. The Fifth Missile (TV movie) .... Navy commander (uncredited)

  22. I Love N.Y. .... Mayor (credited)
  23. Montecarlo Gran Casinò .... Ronald Houston (credited)
  24. Rent-a-Cop .... Captain James (credited)
  25. Warrior Queen .... Slave auctioner (uncredited)

  26. Casa mia, casa mia... .... Cheated American (credited as Larry Maurice Lolgin)
  27. Ghoulies II .... First policeman (credited)
  28. Top Line .... Barclay's accomplice (credited)

  29. Leviathan .... Coast Guard helicopter pilot (credited)
  30. Robot Jox .... Head referee (credited)

  31. Il sole buio .... Bodyguard (uncredited)
  32. Voyage of Terror: The Achille Lauro Affair (TV movie) .... American ambassador in Damascus (uncredited)

  33. Il principe del deserto (TV mini series) .... J.R. Duncan (credited)
  34. The Pit and the Pendulum .... Sergeant of the guards (credited)

  35. Ancient Warriors .... Sylvan (credited)
Filmography to be verified
  • Skipper (1987) (TV mini series) - episode 2: "Scoop"
  • Zorc – Der Mann ohne Grenzen (1992) (TV series)
English-language dubbing filmography
Obviously, I'm only just scratching the surface with the credits listed here, but I'll add to the list as I discover more dubbing roles. I've tried to list the films by their original title, but for the sake of simplicity, the Asian titles are listed under their English titles.
  1. Quei dannati giorni dell'odio e dell'inferno (1970) - voice of Anthony Fletcher (Giorgos Tzortzis)
  2. Confessione di un commissario di polizia al procuratore della repubblica (1971) - voice of Giampaolo Rizzo (Giancarlo Prete)
  3. I quattro pistoleri di Santa Trinità (1971) - voice of George (Peter Lee Lawrence)
  4. Malastrana (1971) - voice of Gregory Moore (Jean Sorel)
  5. Lo credevano uno stinco di santo (1972) - voice of Prison warden (Raf Baldassarre)
  6. Sei una carogna... e t'ammazzo! (1972) - voice of Ted Marshall (Giuseppe Cardillo)
  7. Un bounty killer a Trinità (1972) - voice Pizzarro (Antonio Cantafora)
  8. El ataque de los muertos sin ojos (1973) - voice of Jack Marlowe (Tony Kendall)
  9. El juego del adulterio (1973) - voice of André Larson (Juan Luis Galiardo)
  10. El retorno de Walpurgis (1973) - voice of Roulka (Vidal Molina)
  11. Il consigliori (1973) - voice of Thomas Accardo (Tomas Milian)
  12. Il poliziotto è marcio (1974) - voice of Gianmaria (Gino Milli)
  13. La rivolta delle gladiatrici (1974) - voice of Marcus (Vassili Karis)
  14. Lo strano ricatto di una ragazza per bene (1974) - voice of Rick (Claudio Giorgi)
  15. Questa volta ti faccio ricco (1974) - voice of Joe Esposito (Antonio Sabato)
  16. Gatti rossi in un labirinto di vetro (1975) - voice of Inspector Lara (José Maria Blanco)
  17. Giubbe rosse (1975) - voice of Cariboo (Guido Mannari)
  18. L'assassino è costretto ad uccidere ancora (1975) - voice of The Killer (Antoine Saint John)
  19. La polizia ha le mani legate (1975) - voice of Franco Ludovisi (Bruno Zanin)
  20. La ragazzina parigina (1975) - voice of George/Roger (Lawrence Casey)
  21. Meli to kormi tis (1975) - voice of Parris (Antonis Liotsis)
  22. Cadaveri eccellenti (1976) - voice of Police commissioner (Renato Salvatori)
  23. Emanuelle in America (1976) - voice of Bill (Riccardo Salvino)
  24. Il conto è chiuso (1976) - voice of Marco Russo (Carlos Monzón)
  25. Italia a mano armata (1976) - voice of Torri (Marcello Monti)
  26. Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandantur (1976) - voice of Helmut (Mircha Carven)
  27. Le deportate della sezione speciale SS (1976) - voice of Frederick (Cesare Barro)
  28. Quelli della calibro 38 (1976) - voice of Guido Pugliese (Antonio Marsina)
  29. The Dragon vs. Needles of Death (1976) - voice of Sammy (Chiu Jun)
  30. Casa privata per le SS (1977) - voice of Hans Schellenberg (Gabriele Carrara)
  31. Dimensione giganti (1977) - voice of Dan (Florin Piersic)
  32. La vergine, il toro e il capricorno (1977) - voice of Fefè (Michele Gammino)
  33. Operazione Kappa: sparate a vista (1977) - voice of Paolo (Mario Cutini)
  34. Corleone (1978) - voice of Carmelo (Salvatore Billa)
  35. Escalofrio (1978) - voice of Bruno (Ángel Aranda)
  36. I grossi bestioni (1978) - voice of Ulysses (Jean-Marie Pallardy)
  37. L'ultimo sapore dell'aria (1978) - voice of Marco (Luigi Diberti)
  38. Lo chiamavano Bulldozer (1978) - voice of Sergeant Kempfer (Raimund Harmstorf)
  39. Pari e dispari (1978) - voice of Nynfus (Sal Borgese)
  40. Quel maledetto treno blindato (1978) - voice of Adolf Sachs (Raimund Harmstorf)
  41. Squadra antimafia (1978) - voice of Don Masino (Enzo Pulcrano)
  42. Bersaglio altezza uomo (1979) - voice of Gengis (Kadir Inanir)
  43. Crocodile (1979) - voice of Dr. Tony Akom (Nard Poowanai)
  44. I contrabbandieri di Santa Lucia (1979) - voice of Ivan Radovich (Gianni Garko)
  45. Il cacciatore di squali (1979) - voice of Donovan (Michael Forest) and Acapulco (Jorge Luke)
  46. La ragazza del vagone letto (1979) - voice of Ernie (Carlo De Mejo)
  47. Master With Cracked Fingers (1979) - voice of Jackie (Jackie Chan)
  48. Sette uomini d'oro nello spazio (1979) - voice of Norman (Roberto Dell'Acqua)
  49. Strategia per una missione di morte (1979) - voice of Louis (Gino Turini)
  50. Alien 2 - Sulla terra (1980) - voice of Roy (Mark Bodin)
  51. Apocalypse domani (1980) - voice of Charlie Bukowski (Giovanni Lombardo Radice)
  52. Chissà perché... capitano tutte a me (1980) - voice of Captain Dewart (Carlo Reali)
  53. Contamination (1980) - voice of Lt. Tony Aris (Marino Masé)
  54. Il bandito dagli occhi azzurri (1980) - voice of Police Commissioner (Carlos De Carvalho)
  55. Incubo sulla città contaminata (1980) - voice of Dean Miller (Hugo Stiglitz)
  56. Le journal érotique d'une Thailandaise (1980) - voice of Paul Vernon (Jean-Marie Pallardy)
  57. Pensieri morbosi (1980) - voice of Mark (Kieran Canter)
  58. Speed Cross (1980) - voice of Nicola (Vittorio Mezzogiorno)
  59. Speed Driver (1980) - voice of Rudy (Fabio Testi)
  60. The Clones of Bruce Lee (1980) - voice of Bruce 2 (Bruce Le)
  61. Virus - L'inferno dei morti viventi (1980) - voice of Osborne (José Luis Fonoll)
  62. Zombi Holocaust (1980) - voice of Dr. Dridick (Walter Patriarca)
  63. Car Crash (1981) - voice of Nick (Vittorio Mezzogiorno)
  64. Emmanuelle à Cannes (1981) - voice of Frank (Gabriel Pontello)
  65. Erotiko pathos (1981) - voice of Ari (Dimitris Tsaftaridis)
  66. For Y'ur Height Only (1981) - voice of Mr. Kaiser (Rodolfo "Boy" Garcia)
  67. L'ultimo squalo (1981) - voice of Bob Martin (Giancarlo Prete)
  68. Sadomanía (1981) - voice of Michael (Angel Caballero)
  69. The Salamander (1981) - voice of Captain Roditi (John Steiner)
  70. 1990: I guerrieri del Bronx (1982) - voice of Ice (Gianni Loffredo)
  71. Catherine Chérie (1982) - voice of Gordon (José Gras)
  72. La belva dalla calda pelle (1982) - voice of Bony (Gabriele Tinti)
  73. Mad Mission (1982) - voice of King Kong (Samuel Hui)
  74. Malamore (1982) - voice of Cesare (Antonio Marsina)
  75. Verdi (1982) (TV mini series) - voice of Carlo Verdi (Omero Antonutti)
  76. Violenza in un carcere femminile (1982) - voice of Dr. Moran (Gabriele Tinti)
  77. Death Raiders (1983) - voice of Ramon (Ramon Zamora)
  78. Endgame - Bronx lotta finale (1983) - voice of Ron Shannon (Al Cliver)
  79. Il giustiziere della strada (1983) - voice of Alien (Robert Iannucci)
  80. Mad Mission 2 (1983) - voice of King Kong (Samuel Hui)
  81. Il mondo di Yor (1983) - voice of Kai (Sergio Nicolai)
  82. Los nuevos extraterrestres (1983) - voice of Matt (Guillermo Antón)
  83. Notturno (1983) - voice of Captain Corti (Pino Colizzi)
  84. Orgia stin Kerkyra (1983) - voice of Erik (unknown actor)
  85. Thunder (1983) - voice of Deputy Barry Henson (Raimund Harmstorf)
  86. Tornado (1983) - voice of Captain Harlow (Antonio Marsina)
  87. Zeder (1983) - voice of Don Mario (Aldo Sassi)
  88. Blastfighter (1984) - voice of Jake "Tiger" Shark (Michael Sopkiw)
  89. Cenerentola '80 (1984) - voice of The Colonel (Roberto Posse)
  90. Fotografando Patrizia (1984) - voice of Arrigo (Saverio Vallone)
  91. Impatto mortale (1984) - voice of Al (Giovanni Lombardo Radice)
  92. Mad Mission 3 (1984) - voice of King Kong (Samuel Hui)
  93. Murderock - Uccide a passo di danza (1984) - voice of George Webb (Ray Lovelock)
  94. Rage - Fuoco incrociato (1984) - voice of Victor (Werner Pochath)
  95. Shark - Rosso nell'oceano (1984) - voice of Peter (Michael Sopkiw)
  96. Tuareg, il guerriero del deserto (1984) - voice of Captain Razman (Paolo Malco)
  97. I cinque del Condor (1985) - voice of Martin Cuomo (Antonio Sabato)
  98. Black Tunnel (1986) - voice of Colonel Jack Roth (Spiros Focas)
  99. Il miele del diavolo (1986) - voice of Dr. Wendell Simpson (Brett Halsey)
  100. Lussuria (1986) - voice of Roberto (Al Cliver)
  101. Morirai a mezzanotte (1986) - voice of Inspector Piero Terzi (Paolo Malco)
  102. Sensi (1986) - voice of Maurice (Dario Mazzoli)
  103. Superfantagenio (1986) - voice of Siracusa henchman (Venantino Venantini)
  104. Double Target - Doppio bersaglio (1987) - voice of Colonel Waters (Mike Monty)
  105. L'isola del tesoro (1987) (TV mini series) - voice of Captain Smollet (Klaus Löwitsch)
  106. Le foto di Gioia (1987) - voice of Inspector Corsi (Lino Salemme)
  107. Luci lontane (1987) - voice of Bernardo Bernardi (Tomas Milian)
  108. Scalps (1987) - voice of Matt Brown (Vassili Karis)
  109. Spettri (1987) - voice of Marcus (John Pepper)
  110. Big Man: Polizza inferno (1988) (TV) - voice of Klaus (Josef Fröhlich)
  111. Paradiso infernale (1988) - voice of Professor Korenz (Bruno Corazzari)
  112. Per sempre (1988) (TV) - voice of Carlo (David Brandon)
  113. After Death (Oltre la morte) (1989) - voice of Rod (Nick Nicholson)
  114. Mal d'Africa (1990) - voice of Mike (Bruno Corazzari)
  115. Sulle tracce del condor (1990) - voice of Police inspector (Martín Coria)
  116. Un gatto nel cervello (1990) - voice of Lucio Fulci (Lucio Fulci)
  117. Detective Malone (1991) - voice of Detective Robert Malone (Fred Williamson)
  118. Miliardi (1991) - voice of Leo Ferretti (Jean Sorel)
  119. Alibi perfetto (1992) - voice of Police chief (Philippe Leroy)
  120. Hornsby e Rodriguez - Sfida criminale (1992) - voice of John Mackenzie (Stelio Candelli)
  121. Berlino '39 (1993) - voice of Rostock (Philippe Leroy)
  122. Palermo Milano solo andata (1995) - voice of Turi Leofonte (Giancarlo Giannini)
  123. La sindrome di Stendhal (1996) - voice of Inspector Manetti (Luigi Diberti)
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Re: Larry Dolgin

Post by Johan Melle » 10/04/2020, 3:34

Hot Rod Rumble (1957) as Hank Adams. This low-budget American teen drama about drag racing was shot at Hollywood Studios in just two weeks and appears to have been Larry's film debut. Even though he's uncredited and gets killed off after just 15 minutes, it's still an important role as the death of his character is a major plot point in the film
Hot Rod Rumble - Larry Dolgin1.jpg
Hot Rod Rumble - Larry Dolgin2.jpg
Hot Rod Rumble - Larry Dolgin3.jpg

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Re: Larry Dolgin

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After appearing in one movie, it seems Larry took a long break from acting and instead focused all of his efforts on music. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, he was part of the San Francisco-based vocal and instrumental group The Cables. Larry was second tenor in the group, and the other three members were Don McCarthy (lead tenor and founder of the group), Chris Kendall (bass) and Jim Britt (baritone).

In 1961, they released the songs "Choo-Choo" and "Midnight Roses" as a two-sided single on the RCA Victor label, and they toured successfully for several years.

Larry (in front) with the other members of The Cables
Cables - Larry Dolgin1.jpg

Larry (number two from the right) and the rest of The Cables
Cables - Larry Dolgin2.jpg

The pictures and informations in this post are all taken from the Doo Wop blog:

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Re: Larry Dolgin

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Quella carogna dell'ispettore Sterling (1968) credited, as Kelly. This is Larry's earliest role in an Italian film, and he's turned blonde. He gets a reasonably large part here as a hardened criminal who gets into some heavy physical confrontations with Henry Silva, and he provides his own voice for the English dub.
Quella Carogna - Larry Dolgin1.jpg
Quella Carogna - Larry Dolgin2.jpg
Quella Carogna - Larry Dolgin3.jpg
Quella Carogna - Larry Dolgin4.jpg
Quella Carogna - Larry Dolgin5.jpg

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Re: Larry Dolgin

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Black Jack (1968) credited, as Reb. Larry is fourth-billed in this western and has a pretty large role here as one of the members of a criminal gang. He dubs his own voice for the English-language version.
Black Jack - Larry Dolgin1.jpg
Black Jack - Larry Dolgin2.jpg
Black Jack - Larry Dolgin3.jpg
Black Jack - Larry Dolgin4.jpg
Black Jack - Larry Dolgin5.jpg

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Re: Larry Dolgin

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Femmine insaziabili (1969) as Interviewer. Only a brief uncredited part for Larry here, but he still dubs himself for the English version.
Insaziabili - Larry Dolgin1.jpg
Insaziabili - Larry Dolgin2.jpg
Insaziabili - Larry Dolgin3.jpg

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Re: Larry Dolgin

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Hornets' Nest (I lupi attaccano in branco) (1970) credited, as Pilot. A very minor role for Larry at the start of this American-Italian WW2 drama, piloting the airplane that leading man Rock Hudson parachutes from.
Hornets Nest - Larry Dolgin1.jpg
Hornets Nest - Larry Dolgin2.jpg
Hornets Nest - Larry Dolgin3.jpg

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Re: Larry Dolgin

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Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You (1970) as Assistant director. In this American comedy shot in Rome, Larry appears in a few scenes as one of the three assistant directors on the set of a spaghetti western. The assistant directors' job seems to primarily consist of repeating the director's orders via loudspeaker - in French, German and English, so that the multi-language cast and crew can understand. Larry is of course the one repeating the orders in English.
Pussycat - Larry Dolgin1.jpg
Pussycat - Larry Dolgin2.jpg
Pussycat - Larry Dolgin3.jpg
Pussycat - Larry Dolgin4.jpg

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Re: Larry Dolgin

Post by Johan Melle » 10/04/2020, 4:08

Le serpent (Il serpente) (1973) credited, as Atamian. Larry appears in one scene as a photo montage expert in this international co-production, and he dubs his own lines for the English version.
Serpent - Larry Dolgin1.jpg
Serpent - Larry Dolgin2.jpg
Serpent - Larry Dolgin3.jpg

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Re: Larry Dolgin

Post by Johan Melle » 10/04/2020, 4:11

The Count of Monte-Cristo (1975) (TV movie) as First jailer. Larry appears in two scenes but is never shown very well in this British television adaptation of the famous Alexandre Dumas novel - shot entirely in Italy. It was also released theatrically in some territories.
Count Monte Cristo - Larry Dolgin1.jpg
Count Monte Cristo - Larry Dolgin2.jpg
Count Monte Cristo - Larry Dolgin3.jpg

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