Salvatore Porcaro

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Salvatore Porcaro

Post by Emiliano » 28/08/2018, 19:50

Salvatore Porcaro from the book Fellini's faces (edited in 1982)

Salvatore Porcaro's photo from Fellini's Faces (96dpi).jpg

Porcaro, probably is one of the lot of "Fellini's creatures". He played an "important" character, several years from his Fellini's movie, Amarcord (1973), in 7 chili in 7 giorni (1986).
He's easily recognizable because he's very fatty and he has a strong southern accent, maybe napolitan.



  1. Anni ruggenti (uncredited) .... Luggage porter

  2. Una questione d'onore (uncredited) .... Sardinian village medic

  3. La donna, il sesso e il superuomo (uncredited) .... Morgue employee

  4. Amarcord (uncredited) .... Bobo, the farting student

  5. 7 chili in 7 giorni (credited) .... Fat husband

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Re: Salvatore Porcaro

Post by vecchiaguardia » 01/11/2018, 13:25

La donna, il sesso e il superuomo (1967) as Morgue employee
La donna il sesso il superuomo (1967).jpg

Anni ruggenti (1962) as Luggage porter
Anni ruggenti (1962).jpg

His only credited role in 7 chili in 7 giorni (1986) as Fat husband
7 chili in 7 giorni (1986) 1.jpg
7 chili in 7 giorni (1986) 2.jpg

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Re: Salvatore Porcaro

Post by Johan Melle » 01/11/2018, 13:27

He appears in Amarcord (1973) in a small role as Bobo, the fat schoolboy who is accused of farting in the classroom

Amarcord (1973).jpg

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