Angelo Lanza di Trabia

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Angelo Lanza di Trabia

Post by Ciavazzaro » 28/08/2018, 21:57

Angelo Lanza di Trabia in Telefoni bianchi (1976)
Prince Angelo Lanza di Trabia is one of the many nobleman and noblewoman present in the movie Divina Creatura (1975) by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, but he also do appear in many many roles as a generico.
I identify him thanks for the article that Emiliano published on the forum.

  1. Cadaveri eccellenti (uncredited) .... Party guest
  2. Divina creatura (credited as Angelo Lanza di Trabia) .... Party guest

  3. Il comune senso del pudore (uncredited) .... Man in cinema
  4. Il maestro di violino (uncredited) .... Party guest
  5. Il secondo tragico Fantozzi (uncredited) .... Man in the casino
  6. Telefoni bianchi (uncredited) .... Party guest

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Re: Angelo Lanza di Trabia

Post by Ciavazzaro » 05/09/2018, 20:37

Here the second man on the left in the casinò scene of Il secondo tragico Fantozzi (1976)
lanza fantozzi.jpg

And from what i can see he was not recordered by the cameras in DIVINA CREATURA but i know he do appears,thanks to the article (the same source that let me know his name):
lanza divina.jpg

I see he do have the charaterichts to close his eyes,he both close his eyes in telefoni and divina
now im sure you too will be able to found more roles for our friend !

Just found a new role,he is a man in the cinema scene in Il comune senso del pudore (1976) together with azzolino !
lanza comune senso.png

More roles for our nobleman friend
Party guest in Cadaveri Eccellenti (1975)
lanza cadaveri.png

Party guest in Maestro di violino (1976)
lanza maestro.png

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