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C.S.C. Actors Global List

Post by PeplumParadise » 02/08/2023, 17:31

van den bremt rudy wrote:
02/08/2023, 15:43
Allright Nick, he could be an interesting man for a future topic, seen his peplum apearances.
Well he has a lot of peplum credits, but it is assumed that most of those are credit only, though maybe now we have seen his face he will now be found in a few. I suspect though that, like Ignazio Dolce, he was a c.s.c. actor who did not appear in many of the films where he is credited and is therefore hard to pin down.

I am currently working on a new c.s.c. topic, since we haven't had any for a long time, for actress Anna Maria Aveta.

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Buono Legnani
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C.S.C. Actors Global List

Post by Buono Legnani » 02/08/2023, 20:52

van den bremt rudy wrote:
02/08/2023, 15:36
OK, there is also a Romano Giomini who played in a few peplums and westerns !
strange thing or not, found a few websites were Renato is mentioned as Romano in the movie La tigre dei sette mari (1962) , could he be the same actor ?
My error! That actor is ROMANO Giomini, not Renato.

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