Cestiè, Renato

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Cestiè, Renato

Post by Emiliano » 26/11/2022, 22:33

Renato Cestiè 1976 1.jpg
Renato Cestiè in Cineguida 1976
Renato Cestiè 1976 2.jpg
In Cineguida 1976
Renato Cestiè was born in Rome on 11 January 1963.

At the age of 8 made his film debut in the film Reazione a catena (1971) by Mario Bava. Especially when kid, he starred in melodramatic films such as Cuore (1973) by Romano Scavolini and Il venditore di palloncini (1974) by Mario Gariazzo.

Above all, he's remembered as the little protagonist in Maurizio Lucidi's western comedy Si può fare... amigo (1972), together with Bud Spencer. Weak successes followed, such films as Giubbe rosse (1974) by Joe D'Amato and Nero veneziano (1978) by Ugo Liberatore.

At the end of the 1980s he gained new popularity by playing the role of Massimo Conti in the popular TV series I ragazzi della 3a C (1987-'89).

In the mid-nineties he definitively abandoned the world of entertainment to open a gym where he worked himself. Married, he had one son.


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