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Please respect our rules and you will be welcome.


Each degree of responsibility/authority on the forum is associated with a color which highlights the user's nickname.

  • Global moderators: have the total control over the forum and their decisions are final. They can update the list of filmographies and edit/delete the posts of the others.
  • Moderators: are special contributors on whom the utmost confidence has been placed. They have fully learned the spirit of the project and pursue it with dedication. They can update the list of filmographies and edit the posts of the others.
  • Collaborators: they are passionate about the project who offer their support. They fully learned how to use and write on the platform. Their posts are not moderated before publishing. If their qualities decay, they will be moved to the lower rank category. If the defaults are resolving, they can return to be a productive Collaborator.
  • Registered users: Until they prove that they have learned the guidelines on how to post in the topics of the actors, and have the full knowledge of the forum rules, their posts in every forum (except the Category Work Organization) are moderated and cannot move up next rank.
  • Newly registered users: They are newly enrolled members, and move up next rank after their first three posts.
Writing mode

This is a discussion forum, but mostly a searchable document, like a book, where the reading must focus on the actor and not on closely temporary personal considerations. Therefore, in the actor's topics don't write comments that are not related to the film or to the actor: no phrases like "Wow 100 movies!!", "Last movie found!!", "Please remove from the Titles to check", "New entry for filmo", "Nice entry", and so on... and no smiles. In any case every post in the actors' forums must be written only to upload new pics.

For discussions and request just open a new topic in the appropriate forum or choose a ready one in Forum Organization.

If you think you have found any errors and you want to report them, there is a cumulative topic for do it, which is this: Error reporting. Than, we can rewrite them in an orderly manner in the actor's topic, according to the scheme used here.

To make the reading of the pages more pleasant and above all make the title of the film from which the snapshot is taken, more cleaner, a precise setting pagination is required.

First of all, write your line (the image caption) in tiny block letters: Title of the movie (in bold style - read further below how to do it), year of production (in brackets), role / part played by the actor (in italic). Then, wrapping with text, write your comment, as you like.

How to apply the bold style to the title
Hai sbagliato dovevi uccidermi subito (1972) as Man in the saloon at a table
[Place for the attachment image]

Summing up:
" B ": bold text, used to highlight the movie title.
For example: Profondo rosso (1975).

" I ": italic text, used to highlight the role of the actor in the film.
For example Profondo rosso (1975) as Marcus Dali

The image caption does not require an end point. While if you add some text, it must follow the normal syntax.

vlcsnap-2022-10-26-16h16m31s065 3.png
Image requirements for publication

We don't want to have 100 pictures of an actor if they are so low quality that we can't even figure out who we're talking about.
  • Use JPG format, not PNG (max 1 MB for attachment, but less is much appreciated).
  • The size (weight & height) must be proportionate as the original (no flattened heads or long muzzles).
  • The minimun weight must be 350px or more.
  • No blurry or very low resolutions pics.
  • No croppings.
  • No letterboxing (you must remove the black areas along the top and bottom of a video).
  • When possible, the subject of the pic may be in focus, not moving or with inappropriate expressions: half closed eyes, crooked or open mouth (this is the ABC of Photography).
In summary: If you don't have a decent picture of a common movie, just don't post it. You will save yours and ours work, because as a result we will have to remove it. And then:
  • Don't be in a hurry to insert dozens of roles and images, not taking care of the syntax of the texts and leaving errors, because everything will be deleted in the same way.
  • In case of reporting biographical data, the source must be mentioned (copy and paste from Wikipedia or IMDb is not very welcome). Without citing the source or how this data was reached, and the proof that there has been a search that goes beyond 2 seconds of copy paste from the internet, everything will be deleted.
  • Don't written texts that write the obvious: if you don't know what to write in an actor's bio, don't write anything. It is useless to write "he was a bald actor": we all have eyes to see it.

Adult pictures
The h o t pics can be upload as you like but with the "censorship star" on the genital organs. This is not because of bigotry, but because this forum, under Italian law, is not meant to contain images of this type.

Snapshots taked from the net
You don't have to steal snapshots from other sources. All uploaded snapshots must have been made by the individual user, otherwise they could be deleted.
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How to upload images

Post by Emiliano » 17/04/2021, 11:05

Since we have unlimited web space to upload images, we do not use external hosting sites.
The maximum size for each individual attachment is 1 MB, in JPG format.

To insert the image directly in the forum, read the following guide. The uploading procedure is very easy:

Click on Upload image

Browse and double click over your image

Click on Place in post (under the caption)

Click on Submit when the post is ready and the attachment will appear.
It is also possible to drag and drop the image directly from the folder to the post window.

You can always delete the image to replace it or to replace the text by clicking on this icon at the top right of your post.
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How to capture a still from a movie?
Two freeware program fit for purpose are Media Player Classic and VLC Player. By default VLC Player makes snapshots in PNG file, but we prefer JPG file because it's smaller and faster to download.

Can I put a movie title in the main filmography of the actor?
Not, you can't post the title of a film directly in the filmography of the actor (at the first post). The first available moderator has the responsibility to check your post and update the filmography with your signalation.

How many movies can I add per single post?
Do a sole entrance for each film, don't put more movies in one single post. In this way, any link to the post will indicate a specific content, not a bunch.

Can I add a new actor topic or film in the database?
Yes, with these terms:
  1. It must be an actor from the past, or at least be born in the 1970s, with the exception of child actors born until early 80s.
  2. In case of unknown or little known actor you must upload at least 3 images of 3 different movies of him.
  3. The film must have been produced not after the late 1980s.
If an actor has used a pseudonym to the point that in films he appears more with this than with his birthname, then he must be listed with the pseudonym; such as Evelyn Stewart (Ida Galli) and Anthony Steffen (Antonio De Teffè).

If an actor or film topic is not considered compliant, it will be moved into Topics to be revised forum, until his author does his best to fix or delete them.

To add a movie in the database, read this guide.

To add a new actor's topic, on your first post, this is the template that you need: click on SELECT ALL and copy and paste this code into your new 1st post:

Code: Select all

In this line must be placed the image uploaded with caption wrote in the form Attachments

[*]1st_movie_in_alphabetic_order .... [i]role[/i] (credited or uncredited)
[*]2nd_movie_in_alphabetic_order .... [i]role[/i] (credited or uncredited)


[subtitle]Titles to check[/subtitle]

Have you seen a movie and would like to know who is a specific actor?
Open a new topic in this forum, than upload the images of your unknown actor. We will try to help you.

In case of urgent problems or complaints, contact the Administrator.
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Formatting styles

Post by Emiliano » 10/10/2021, 1:23

According to each possible variant, here there are various examples on how to use the same style in Posts:

  • Spasmo (1974) as Man in asylum and Necrophore in 8mm film footage (uncredited)
  • Indomptable Angélique, aka L'indomabile Angelica (1967) as Rower on the ship (uncredited)
  • Per un pugno di canzoni (1966) as Gangster (uncredited - re-used footage)
  • Ciao amici (TV series, 1941) Season 1 (or S. 1), episode 4 (or ep. 4): "Parla" as The waiter (credited on Radiocorriere TV)
  • La mia chitarra (TV mini-series, 1968) - episodes (or eps.) 1, 2, 3 .... Angelo
  • Agente 3S3, massacro al sole (1966). Role unknown. Credited.
  • Pezzo, capopezzo e capitano (1958) as Alberto. Credited on poster.
  • Kakkientruppen (1977). Credited, but not found.
  • La notte di Pasquino (2003). Credit only.
  • Un colpo da re (1967). Probably credit only as "Mirella Pamfili"
  • The She Beast (aka Il lago di Satana, 1966) as Truck driver. Credited as "Tony Antonelli".
  • La tarantola dal ventre nero (1971). Credited as Stuntman director
  • Sgarro alla camorra (1973) as Basettone. Credited, also as Master of Arms.
  • Rage - Fuoco incrociato (1984) as One of Slash's men. Credited as "Rick Battaglie", plus credit as Stunt coordinator.
Below there are various examples on how to format the 1st post of each topic, editing the Filmographies.


  1. Gli altri racconti di Canterbury .... Monk (uncredited as actor, credited as Assistant Production Secretary)
  2. Rage - fuoco incrociato .... One of Slash's men (credited as "Rick Battaglie", and as Stunt coordinator)
  3. Il magnifico west .... role unknown (credited - only credit info)
  4. Indomptable Angélique (aka L'indomabile Angelica) .... Rower on the ship (uncredited)
  5. Le spie vengono dal semifreddo .... Goldfoot henchman (uncredited - still no pic)
  6. Per un pugno di canzoni .... Gangster (credited - uncertain identification)
  7. Ciao amici (TV series) - season 1 (or S1), ep. 4: "Parla" .... role unknown (credited on Radiocorriere TV)
  8. La mia chitarra (TV mini-series) - eps. 1, 2, 3 .... Angelo (uncredited - re-used footage)
  9. La contessa azzurra .... Peppiniello (credited as "Lanfranco Cobianchi" - role unconfirrmed)
  10. Pezzo, capopezzo e capitano .... Alberto (poster credit)
  11. Due bianchi nell'Africa nera (uncredited - voice dubbing: Alfredo Rizzo)
  12. La rosa di Bagdad (Animation - credited as Voice dubbing: Genie in a bottle)
  13. Piccole labbra .... Paolo (credit unknown)
  14. C'era una volta il West (credit only as "Ivan Scratuglia")
  15. La notte di Pasquino (credited, but not found)
  16. Un colpo da re (probably credit only as "Mirella Pamfili")
  17. The She Beast .... Truck driver (credited as "Tony Antonelli")
  18. La tarantola dal ventre nero (credited as Stuntman director)
  19. Sgarro alla camorra .... Basettone (credited, also as Master of Arms)

Titles to check
  • Bordella (1976 - uncredited)
  • Abatjour 2 (TV movie, 1990)
  • Un amore sconosciuto (TV mini-series, 1991) .... Nostromo (credited)

Where to use bold style
The rule to establish whether to put in bold credited or uncredited roles is this: since bold is used to highlight an exception, those actors with a lower number must always be bolded. As example, if an actor has fewer uncredited roles than credited, these uncredited will be highlighted in bold. It is not the case to highlight the whole (credited as "pseunonym"). The purpose is to highlight the credit. Otherwise the list becomes a black spot.

Where to use purple colour
The purple is necessary to distinguish at a quick glance those filmography entries which are not complete.
For the moderators: please replace the old wording role? with role unknown and credit? with credit unknown.
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Policy for the contents

Post by Emiliano » 27/03/2022, 8:48

IMDb, Wikipedia and other sources
The Internet Movie Database is a great tool for work. Also Wikipedia sometimes. Unfortunately they're not so reliable to take everything that is written for gold. So, we do not include in our Database titles or biographic notes from IMDb and Wikipedia, especially not the films to be included in the filmography, without having first the images of these roles. In summary: we accept only roles verified by us and we won't add titles in the filmographies without an image because we must verify the attribution. Due to previous disputes, we don't use the discoveries made by others, not even mentioning the sources.

Our members are always free to share only their identifications on any platform instead.

Since IMDb and Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, biographical data should not be copied from, unless these datas are can be traced back to the primary source. Most reliable sources accepted are: books, journalistic articles (newspapers, monthlies, magazines), interviews (video or typed), comments from people who have known the person in question, in which there is no obvious interest to deceive or mystify. If you write a biographical note in your own hand, you must specify that it is a personal research; the degree of reliability will be evaluated by the Global moderators.

Italian legislature
Le immagini esposte sono utilizzate solo ad uso di critica e discussione. I detentori dei diritti, qualora lo ritenessero opportuno, possono chiederne l'immediata rimozione inviando un messaggio con questo modulo. Si rammenta che nel dicembre 2011 è stata approvata una modifica alla Legge italiana sul diritto d’autore (633/1941), che prevede l’introduzione del comma 1 bis all’articolo 70. La nuova norma recita:
1. Il riassunto, la citazione o la riproduzione di brani o di parti di opera e la loro comunicazione al pubblico sono liberi se effettuati per uso di critica o di discussione, nei limiti giustificati da tali fini e purchè non costituiscano concorrenza all'utilizzazione economica dell'opera; se effettuati a fini di insegnamento o di ricerca scientifica l'utilizzo deve inoltre avvenire per finalità illustrative e per fini non commerciali.
(1-bis. E' consentita la libera pubblicazione attraverso la rete internet, a titolo gratuito, di immagini e musiche a bassa risoluzione o degradate, per uso didattico o scientifico e solo nel caso in cui tale utilizzo non sia a scopo di lucro. Con decreto del Ministro per i beni e le attivita' culturali, sentiti il Ministro della pubblica istruzione e il Ministro dell'università e della ricerca, previo parere delle Commissioni parlamentari competenti, sono definiti i limiti all'uso didattico o scientifico di cui al presente comma).
3. Il riassunto, la citazione o la riproduzione debbono essere sempre accompagnati dalla menzione del titolo dell'opera, dei nomi dell'autore, dell'editore e, se si tratti di traduzione, del traduttore, qualora tali indicazioni figurino sull'opera riprodotta.
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